Travel Insurance Post-COVID


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Dec 11, 2004
Have any members any experience of travel insurance, since COVID restrictions were (mostly) lifted?
I'm looking to book flights next year after some appeared at very competitive prices, but wary of where I might stand if travel had to be cancelled again (or even, potentially, due to the outbtreak of hostilities in the area!)
I'm trying to find some sort of policy that will cover a family - may need to be an annual one rather than a single trip as the planned journey may extend to six weeks or so. Prime concerns are being able to claim the costs of flights back if flights are cancelled due to new COVID restrictions being in place (hostilities in the area, though unlikely, to the point I could probably ignore the possibility) - and health insurance, considering that one of 3 adults travelling i3 94 years old, and another has a recorded heart problem (not any thing too serious)
Does anyone have any experience (or can recommend such a policy) at a decent price?


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Aug 8, 2001
You might be best going through an insurance broker that deals with travel insurance otherwise it is a minefield and with more clauses than a Santa training camp