Trade show time again.

Ken the Pacman

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Aug 24, 2015
Preston,Avid and Korum together with Sonubaits this morning followed by Fox,Matrix,Salmo and Rage this afternoon.
Preston showing an upgraded Inception seat box now in three versions, with an improved footplate mechanism and a lid built into the seat to stop stuff from the draws below escaping in transit. A nice range of Des Ship floats in the Chianti style in various guises, extended Supera range with a 10' and 11' SL...super light feeder rods which will be excellent bomb/light feeder tools. Extended range of Protype poles including a margin pole, Monster x rods an update on the previous range Magnitude reels in the £100/£120 range that seemed similar to last years more expensive ones, some double decker side trays,clever but expensive at £75 or £95 Lots of feeders in various shapes and sizes and an improved range of clothing.
Korum had lots of luggage items and a new range of rods under the Glide name with a three top rod called Trilogy which would cover a lot of specimen type jobs plus updated shelters and reels, Tilting buzzer bars that have been out a while and are handy for river set ups with the rods up at an angle and a screw into the ground butt holder to go with them, The tilting buzzer bars were also in the Avid range along with some retractable baiting tools to save you stabbing yourself after putting a needle in your pocket or leaving on your seat. Overall there were some price increases but nothing massive and all three brands have good comprehensive ranges to suit most anglers.
Sonubaits has a lot of Robin Red stuff some new silverfish groundbait ranges and now do a smaller 3mm pro expander which will be popular in Winter.
Fox had some excellent new micron alarms and some new Explorer telescopic butt rods like the Nash ones but I think cheaper,Matrix had possibly the best pole roller I have seen but expensive and the seatbox range has been improved with better footplates and a touch wider I thought, their platform had had minor updates and remains one of the best available.Salmo and rage lure ranges continue to impress and the had some really nice lure rods from £39 upwards in the Warrior 2 range.
Again there were price increases but not on everything and not excessive as I think they understand that their gear is already expensive without making it worse.