Tracker Elements Jacket


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Jan 22, 2019
I needed a decent cold weather fishing jacket. I usually layer with a Goretex shell over the top but I’m trying to cut down on stuff I take both in the van when away for a week or even the day. Had a look around on Google for reviews on various ones & decided on the Trakker as I‘ve always been happy with items bought from this company before.
Now then, it’s supposed to be 10,000 HH - which I’ll take with a pinch of salt as none of the zips are waterproof. As I‘m a pleasure angler I’m under a 50” brolly at the first sign of rain so I’m not too bothered about the jacket not living up to it’s billing in the 10K HH stakes. To be fair, it’s been fine walking to pegs & setting up in the rain but doubt it would sustain it’s waterproofness in a torrential down door for any length of time. It is, however, warm, completely windproof, light, well made & with a decent removable hood - which is why I bought it.
Trakker sizing is usually massive but this is pretty true to size. A medium is about a 42/43 chest which allows a fleece or jumper for me. A scoop hem to keep the vulnerable buttocks toasty & fleece handwarmer pockets. All in all a very decent Winter jacket for my type of fishing ie fishing chair & big brolly.
The best bit was after looking around for the best price I plumped for Ebay. On sale, new, for £75 - I think they’re £99 rip. Put it in my watch list while I faffed about the, lo & behold, received an offer from the seller of £45 which I duly accepted. Seemed kosher, seller had 100% reviews & sold fishing gear.
A very good jacket indeed for Winter even at £75 but a brilliant one for £45!