Trabucco Super Elite T1 Line

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Aug 11, 2001
Back in November 2001 i heard about a new Hooklength / Pole line from Trabucco called T1 which was claimed to have very high breaking strains to a very low diameter.

Being mainly a match angler and always striving for that little bit extra i started searching tackle shops for some but with no joy, until May 2002 when at the NEC fishing show Trabucco had a stand and were selling it in 4 different diameters.

It's not cheap with prices ranging from 5 per spool (if bought mail order in bulk) to 6.50 per spool and it only comes in 50mtr spools.

Below are the 4 Size's that i have been using for 90% of my Pole fishing since i bought them.

From top left to bottom right they are :
Dia 0.10mm. Stated b/s 4.95lb (actual b/s 3lb 8oz)
Dia 0.12mm. Stated b/s 6.82lb (actual b/s 4lb 14oz)
Dia 0.14mm. Stated b/s 9.03lb (actual b/s 6lb 12oz)
Dia 0.20mm. Stated b/s 16.85lb (actual b/s 9lb)


The actual breaking strains i quote were gathered by tying a single loop in each end of 1mtr of line and ding 3 straight pull tests and then the average was taken.

As you can see the Stated b/s is not exactly as per my findings (which has also been the case with recent angling press tests).

The only diameter tests i've done is to compare them with another make of line which i know to be accurate and the diameter does not seem to be far off what is stated.

My thoughts on Trabucco T1 line

The line is a clear and quite limp line which comes off the spool with only the smallest hint of a twist.

It knots well and the knot does not slip once wetted and tightened.

As i say i've been using it for the past 6 months and the only time it has let me down has been in snaggy pegs as it is not very abrasion resistant and reeds or other snags have just cut straight through it.

In my opinion it is a great line for use in clear swims for Carp and also allows you to fish slightly heavier on the canal but still retain the lower diameter.

I've found it tends to kink and twist when used as a feeder hooklength.

I've also found that it is the easiest line going for getting Bream Slime off.

As i say though overall it is a good low diameter line and would recommend it to anybody for open water fishing.

Details of most of Trabucco products can be found on their website HERE



Nov 13, 2002
It is an excellent line and also one of the best at fishing sanggy and reedy pegs. I always usit it when fishing to islands on snake lakes and i've never experienced breakages when fishing for carp when using 0.12 direct. It' landed me many a lump thats cut through reeds and grassy clumps.
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