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Mark B

Nov 6, 2002
e-mail from Gareth Purnell

Dear All

Firstly I would like to thank all of you who have been in touch begging me to do something about getting the discussion boards back online.

Not only were they the most popular out there, generating an amazing TWO MILLION hits in November, they were also clearly an important part of many of your lives.

I am delighted to report that following a series of discussions between myself and David Hall Publishing Ltd, the ownership of has been transferred to myself. I am currently working with the web developers to tie up some loose ends and intend to have the forums back online in time for the New Year.

They will be very much as they were before they closed, and I must say I am looking forward to having you all back and picking up where we left off, without the previous problems hopefully. We may even get Fisherman's Blues back with a bit of arm twisting, although hopefully not White Acres Chef!

Indeed due to the incidents which most of you know about, which caused the closure of the forums in the first place, I will on legal advice be asking you all to sign in again and agree to a disclaimer. Once this is signed you will be sent an activation code and you can get back to normal. The previous threads will all be wiped clean so you are going to have to be creative and start some threads from scratch!

I can also confirm that the total-fishing ACA match will go ahead as planned and in fact I have continued to get entries over the last fortnight and we are now not far short of a sell-out.

Best regards and see you in the New Year

Gareth Purnell (geepster), Editor and now total-fishing 'director' I guess!)

Well done Gareth, top man!!!!

steve r

New member
Sep 11, 2002
Great news Mark, and you beat me to it!
I have posted the news also on Anglersnet[:D]


'River Man'
Sep 13, 2001
hi mark
beat you to it LOL[:D]
i put it up on
what happened to total fishing
this morning[:p]

scouse (and proud of it)
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