Top Flash, end of term report.

Ivan heaphurst

Regular member
Aug 19, 2006
Well it's the end of term for myself and the big fella because we cannot walk down to the water from the car park. We fished yesterday and again the flash was dead calm, like a mirror and the water needs a good blow on it to fish well. This was the second time we have picked a dead still day to fish and both times we have struggled and ended up on the river, more later. We fished the first visit after lockdown and caught but it has been a struggle since. Then again if you are going struggle there are not many better places to have a hard time.
I mentioned that we have had a couple of good sessions on he Weaver at the back of the flash. A fish a chuck in the main, Small Roach, Chub, Dace and some healthy Perch. However Ian had some cracking Roach yesterday and was smashed up by a big Chub. As you might of guessed neither of us are too clever on our dicky legs so the accessibility of the river is a bonus for us. A pity a few more pegs are not available. Do any other Winsford members fish the river I always think that there are fish in a he river hat have never seen a hook before being caught.
Ah well that is it until the drive down to the flash Is open again.