Todber Manor with the Nomads


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Apr 29, 2009
I was going to write a report on a truly amazing day at Todber Manor Fisheries last night but I was absolutely fooked when I got home!
What a place!! First time there, heard, watched and read lots of things about it but, in truth, it’s even better than I’d thought. Started the day with a lovely breakfast from the on-site caterer, then onto the draw. Pulled out peg 56, a lovely looking peg with a nice side wind blowing towards me. At least I’d keep cool 😎 I’d watched a few videos to get some idea so was armed with a gallon of maggot, meat, corn and pellets, with some groundbait for down the edge later.
Started the match at 2+2 with 6mm pellet on the deck and into fish right away. Had a few but was troubled by foul-hooked fish trashing my rigs. I was feeding pouches of maggot a bit further out while catching on the pellet line but when I picked the shallow maggot rig all I could get was tiny silvers. Upped the maggot feed to try and feed them off but it was just a jacuzzi of tiny fish, just couldn’t get through to the carp.
Went back to pellets on 2+2, 2+1 or just topkit and was catching plenty but no big fish and plenty of foulhookers 😢. With a little over an hour to go I potted in three big balls of groundbait down my left hand margin. It became fish soup, too many carp, too much chance of even more foulhooked fish! Left it 10 minutes to settle then went down the edge on 10mm meat with no feed. Fish a chuck from then on, all cleanly hooked, all landed no fuss. Wish I’d gone down there earlier, should have listened to Kevin, he’d fished the same peg recently😂
The all out was called, well squeaked really on Christophers trusty air horn and I was chuffed that I’d used four nets so hopefully, if my weight clicking had been accurate, I’d be on for a good weight. I’d told Emma that if I didn’t catch a hundred pound I was jacking it in, so I packed away and waited for the scales.………….🤷‍♂️
Four nets, four weighs…………205lb!!!!!!! My previous top weight in a match was 86lb, all week I was wondering if I had enough nets, Emma said “one will do you” so to get 205lb was amazing. I’m not even thinking about what I could have weighed if I’d done things differently, i’d beaten the voices of self doubt in my head! My head, this year, has made fishing very difficult this year when it was always my way to switch off 😂
Followed the scales around, everyone had some cracking weights as can be seen on the weigh sheet. Well done to James, Steve and Chris for top three, some dangling that 🎣👍
Thanks to everyone at the Mendip Nomads Angling Club who organised the best day I’ve had since my White Acres days. Got home at 7.30, shattered and aching. Slept like a baby. Wouldn’t want to do that every week but what a venue for a proper days fishing, cheers guys ❤️❤️❤️





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Mar 9, 2006
Was a Great Day for Sure!!
Well done again John 💪
So glad everyone had a Brill day and May need to pull mu finger out soon as Laner catching me up 🤣🤣🤣


Fishing the stour dorset, most probably!
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Apr 13, 2020
Cheers, I've been on nights so it would of just been a social walk about in the afternoon. Todber being my local tackle shop, I don't fish it, preferring the heart ache of river fishing for 5lb of bits. I must be mad but there it is.