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space cadet
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Apr 23, 2008
been out doing abitta shopping, nowt much, but a call into three different shops

shop 1 ,dogs r us or whatever its called, needed some more juice and pills for the black dogs aching bones, found the salmon oil, found the chondotrin paste and then picked up the joint ease pills, wandered over to the other side, got another bale of sawdust for cleaning maggot off,

card used to pay, wiped it over the thingy thing, didnt work, hmmm, bunged it in the slot and near had a heart attack, came up over a hundred quid !

koof me ! sideways with a left handed wine screw, Turned out the joint ease pills that were marked on the shelf at 30 odd quid were in fact 70 odd quid, changed them for the smaller packet,

B+M which is next door, went in and wandered around for a few bits and wondered why I was getting dirty looks, I had taken my masky thing off when stashing the dog stuff in the van and hadnt put it back on, thing was it felt like I had got it on, ran round and exited quickly feeling baaaad

tescos on the way home, bread milk and that sorta gear, mask on and around in double quick time, only to get to the till and the polish bird was on it, took longer to pack the gear in the bag and explain that I wanted 30 grammes of old holbourne original, not old holbourne yellow, or amber leaf

need a beer now, need two beers, in fact gonna spend the rest of the day supping beer

bugger going out

Swim Jim

Formerly: jjpendurocomp
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Jul 18, 2011
The bale of sawdust u got from the pet shop how fine is it. I’m on the lookout for a good cheap source of sawdust