TJ a bouquet please

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Dec 2, 2001
TJ and Scott, please lay something at Trev's peg on your stretch.

Trevor, my small tribute to a fine friend.

I have sat here tonight, reading all of the posts written about Trevor Manning. I am thinking, who really knew the man. I mean that as an angler and a fishing buddy.

I sat down and worked out the dates of all of my week ends away fishing, at Fish-Ins arranged by guys on our site, and others, and days just agreed mutually. Then I worked out if Trevor was there or not. After that I wondered how much time we had actually fished and talked together

I realised I had spent most of my time talking to Trevor via E-Mail, MSN or by telephone. Time I knew Trevor 10 months, actual time on the bank - 9 days.

From when I first made contact with him we seemed to gel. Only 4 months between our ages, (I am the older by the way). We had the same dislike of authority, fools and petty rules. Bambi is not a person to be liked in our opinion.

From the talks we had I knew he did not suffer fools gladly and if you cut him, boy did he bleed. Be straight he would be your friend, he could take reasoned argument, but do not treat him as a fool. He always sought advice on some things he was not sure of, always willing to give advice on methods he had tried.

The last time I met Trevor, I was at Skylarks during the first weekend in September. I had agreed to meet him at TJs and Stickfloatkings stretch of the Soar at Loughborough. Trevor holds the record for the biggest barbel and the biggest eel on this stretch.

I had arrived there first, then Trevor turned up. We drove down to the river. Picked our swims, I had the one I adapted for him, and commenced to fish Trevor set me up with one of his Trent set ups, which to this day I could not remember. Although he swore by Bob Roberts boilies and Archie Braddocks flavours.

I caught nothing on Trevors set up, only a small chub on stick floated maggot. The weather turned really bad and we sat in his car. For 5 hours. I realise now one of the finest afternoons of my life. We talked about everything. I am sorry if your ears were burning, it was only afterward that I realised Trevor was getting things off his chest, and I started to realise I would not see him again.

Trevor shouldnt have driven down to the Soar that day, but he did not want to let me down. I feel a lot of guilt knowing in one way he was really ill, but I was enjoying his company, not knowing that other friends of his would not do so again. I did say to him that he shouldnt have driven so far, his words were Geoff you drove from Wales to see me, I had to be here.

Trevor, thank you for the pleasure you have given me since we first met, thank you for your advice, and thank you for your friendship. I only ask one favour. Please bait the swim next to yours ready for my arrival.

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