Tips for Dromonby. First visit.

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Eagle Eyes
Nov 28, 2004
Hi all.
Am now a defo for Dromonby on Saturday and am looking to be there for 7:30 if anyone wants to say hi[:)]

Having NEVER fished it I wondered if there are any tips from the guys who have. Fishing blind my planned approach is.....

Picking the right lake[:D][:D][:D]

Dynamite Carpchoc + brown crumb with some 4mm Marine Halibut pellets.
Crazy bait 6mm expanders for the hook with corn and maggot for back up.
Thinking of fishing a small feeder now the weather is turning but am looking for a good first trip of the year session so am open to suggestions from those who fish here regularly.

Thanks in advance

Give a man a fish and he'll feed his family for a week. Show a man how to fish and he'll
sit by a river all day scratching his arse.
Not open for further replies.