Time To Hang Up The Keepnets?


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Aug 22, 2006
I cannot disagree with what you have said. And therein lies part of my frustration.

Yes I have been guilty of sticking to methods that have worked for me for some while. It was not that long ago that I was framing in 50% of the matches I fished. That is club and local opens. Led a Summer league series until the final match and had two wins and a third with my partner in a pairs league fished over four Winters over recent years. But in changing what should I switch to?

The choices of tactics and baits are, to me, confusing. And as you will know I hate complexity and the confusion that causes in me. Hence my simplification of my float choices etc. nearly 10 years ago. That had an immediate effect on my results. Add to that the fact I am now late 60s and with age comes caution and an unwillingness to adapt or risk changes. The Boss has recognised that over recent years I have become a lot less confident. With that lack of confidence comes the resistance to change that I am aware of and do try to fight.

You mention fishing caster shallow. How did you arrive at that as an effective method? How many other methods did you try before arriving at that as the best at the moment. What will you do whan that stops working? These are the thoughts that stop me from chasing my tail seeking THE method that will bring relative success in the next match. As I said earlier, I made what may be an important discovery on Tuesday night that I am eager to try out on Sunday's silvers match.

I do try and fight my reluctance to change. On Tuesday night I spent an unproductive half hour fishing 13m. Eventually the lack of reaction and signs of fish feeding elsewhere made me change tactics. I also tried Gozzer's shotting pattern of having a bulk on the 10 inch hooklength knot. I have tried lighter hollows and really cannot get on with them though my Winter topkits do have a softer hybrid in now coupled with side pullers. I am not absolutely resistant to new ideas and change and in my pleasure/practice sessions will try out new ideas. But unless these show a marked improvement on what I have been doing I see no driver to change.

I think overall I just need to work through my current siuation. Sunday's 4th place (won £13!) was welcome and surprising. But as you say, my tactics and swim probably just coincided with what was right for the day. Even then I did need to sort the approach out. First two hours saw me with two fish for 2lb. Ended with 66lb after I sorted out location and bait/feeding.

Overall I don't think I will hang the keepnets up yet. I still look forward to the next match and the next opportunity to do well. I always start with high expectations even though these may be dashed come the all out.

I will write a considered reply when I have time, just had a couple of long days at work (15 hours) and am fishing Sat Sun, but I will find time to respond with more detail than I can at the moment.