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Feb 25, 2002
What a weekend well what a week is more to the point.
Both Dave and me throught it was going to go pear shaped with the weather being so ify. It's alright having all this rain then sunshine but it makes things harder to keep on top of. The grass needed cutting the pegs needed sorting the weed in the river it's self was growing faster than we could remove it. But it had to be done ready for the fishin plus this Sunday coming 18th a local club has booked the water. By Thrusday i was feeling unwell from over doing it but it was nearly done. Dave had brought the van down and i feel asleep a few times sitting in there.
Anyway friday the time seem to drag a bit waiting for people to turn up. Dave set up a few rods to pass the time and he had anice Bream of just over 3lb. The phone rang and it was Geoff "im at Tesco's" how the hell did he find Tesco's in a place he'd never been before! Well half an hour later these bloke turned up.(Geoff) Trev phoned afew hours later saying he'd be here in the morning as he needed to dry out after getting soaked at Kegworth.
So after helping Geoff set up camp it was time for a few beers and chat to get to know each other, then off to bed.
Id better get up then!
After a chat and a cup of coffee we left them to it for a bit. Trev out to get some Barbel and Geoff to try and catch something on a river!.
I really didn't think it would fish that well nore did Dave as the river was up about 2ft and rising. It looks like we going to be Minow bashing said Dave!. Hmm not good.
Well how wrong we were. What a day we must of had well over 50lb bream between us me having 22lb myself in just a few hours. A record Barbel (nice one Trev) Chub, Roach the list goes on. And good old Geoff was having a whale of a time catching Bream to over 2lb Chub Bleak etc. But he had to fall in didn't he! think it must of been all the excitment making him light headed as he'd not been drinking!.
Night time both Dave and i set up for a spot of night fishing.
And the Fish still kept coming! Buzzers were going off left right and centre, Plus Geoff snoring his head off in the back ground, Oh and Geoff by the way you talk in your sleep mate!.
So Sunday think i got up about 9am Geoff and Trev were already fishing
Geoff was trying out his new stickfloat. Having not fished one before i tried my best to point him in the right direction. River was not in the best condition for running the stick through but Geoff still had a few fish on it. I think he did really well for his first go with one. Trev was still hard at it even though he was we cold, wet and knackered. He reminds me very much of the old boy in Father Ted you know the one that always say "DRINK DRINK" apart from with Trev its "BARBEL BARBEL" (he just don't give up does he)
As time went by i had afew more Bream and then it was time to say bye to two great blokes. They both had smiles from ear to ear which made us both really happy. To see other people enjoying all the hard work thats be but in beats catching monster bags of fish anyday.
So after our good bye's and a cup of tea and some snap it was back to catching bream again. I Throught!
The float diped slowly another Bream i said to myself BANG off it went this is no Bream. "OH MY GOD" a Carp "DAVE DAVE".
Well after a mad battle trying my hardest to keep it on it pulled the hook straight and it was off. To say i was gutted is an understatment it was a common Carp of i don't know Dave thinks it was about 14lb. But my arm was telling me it was about 140lb!.
Well am sure Dave will post the pic's of me in full flight with this Carp on and then not on so he can take the P.
Well thanks for a great weekend to Geoff and Trev and hope you'll be aback again soon.
We may sort another fishin out for later in the year so keep your eye's on the fishin page.


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Feb 21, 2002
As requested by one very very fed up Stickfloatking.

This is Scott and his fine catch of bream.

The next photo is when he was fighting the common carp he lost.


And finally this.
He maybe smiling but I can tell you he was really peed off and didn't speak to me for about an hour. (I shouldn't have laughed when he lost it but his face was a scream).
Sorry matey.

Just one more.
This is me proving I'm not a blanker.


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Dec 2, 2001
quote:Oh and Geoff by the way you talk in your sleep mate!.

I asked Margaret about that. If I said anything out of order. Her only reply was:

"Well you wake up in the morning don't you"

So obviously I say nothing incriminating.

Thanks again lads for a great weekend, just think what the others missed out on.

thumbsup.gif Geoff

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Oct 5, 2001

Great stuff Scott and Dave!
Nearly 100%

I can agree with Cold, Wet & Knackered.


BUT 'Old Boy' (Less of the OLD lol)

Sheeeesh, now you spoilt it LOL

Thanks Again and don't forget my unwanted Eel Record too!


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Feb 25, 2002
I was just looking at that pic of my rod bent in half and for some reason Murry walker started doing a running comentry in my head.
Something like 5 green lights and its "GO GO GO". "Look at the bend, Look at the bend."
But as you can see from the pic i lost the race!
But there will be another time "Mr Carp"


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Apr 12, 2002
Scott & Dave looks a cracking stretch of river, good report and pictures, hope to make it one day.

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