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Three Way Tie Pike Final 2019

In the weeks leading up to the Angling Trust Pike Championships the weather across the Fens was inclement to say the least, however with the controlled water in the fens it was one of the only fishable stretches of river across the country this weekend.

Unfortunately, these coloured conditions were far from ideal for pike fishing, so a very close final was always going to be on the cards, and so it proved with a fantastic three-way tie for 1st place between Enzo Serino, David Harvey and Nicky Smith who couldn't be split on 11lbs each.

Enzo Serino and David Harvey drew on the favoured Glassmooor Bank whilst Nicky Smith drew on the 20 foot Drain, both Enzo and Nicky had one fish of 11lbs whilst David had two fish of 6lb 14oz and 4lb 2oz.

In fourth place was Peter Smith who drew on Glassmoor Bank. with a single fish of 8lb 12 oz. In fifth place was John Chandler with a single fish of 8lb from the 20-foot Drain. And in sixth place was last year's winner Callen Flynn with a single fish of 7lb 8oz.

On the Ladies and Junior front unfortunately both were defaulted and or drawn in the tricky conditions, with the winners being Maria Oladokun and Jack Taylor respectively.

Considering the very poor conditions 25 pike were landed which is testament to the skills of the anglers fishing this year’s final. The Angling Trust would like to thank Andy Jackson for all his efforts in the run up to, and across the weekend, Dave White and many others from Whittlesey AA for all their assistance from pegs to stewards and finally and most importantly, we would like to thank the anglers for competing in this year's qualifiers and final.


1. Enzo Serino 11lbs
1. David Harvey 11lbs
1. Nicky Smith 11lbs
4. Peter Smith 8lb 12oz
5. John Chandler 8lb
6. Callen Flynn 7lb 8oz

Junior Champion: Jack Taylor

Ladies Champion: Maria Oladokun