Three Shires Final Winners Lemington Lakes

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Apr 23, 2002
Three Shires Final Winners Lemington Lakes

Lemington Lakes (Gloucestershire) and its popular Westminster Lake was the stage for this the final open competition in: Charity fund raising events calendar for 2005.

This new venture by would never have been possible without the very generous sponsorship by: B.R.Electrical from all of us at disabled-angler we say a big thank-you.

These fund raising events comprised of, three open competitions, which were open to disabled and none-disabled anglers. All fished on accessible venues featured on The reason for these events was to raise much needed funds for our chosen charity Francis House Children's Hospice.


The cheeky face pictured above of a very poorly little girl Kirsty, has brought the plight of this charity to the public eye with the Kirsty Millenium appeal. They are currently three quarters of the way towards the 5 million target, which is set to ensure the long-term viability of the hospice.

Matt Nutt (GOT BAITS)
64Ibs 0ozs


Theres no stopping this young man he is definitely a class act and one that is becoming harder to compete against. He is already sponsored by G.O.T Baits and Im sure others will be queuing up to support this talent in the future. Though this was his first visit to Lemington Lakes, he still managed to show the rest of the field just what a talent he is, by catching quality carp up in the water, using his sponsors feed pellet and soft pellet on a size 14 B911 hook and combining this with 0.20 line - using three top kits all kitted out with red hydro and fished at depths between 3ft and 18inches. Even though he was bagging, he still found time to get off his box to go and help the disabled-angler off the next peg when he was struggling to land his own fish, Bucko says "thank-you very much"

The Three Shires Disabled & None-Disabled Champions 2005

None-disabled Champion Terry Tapp
32 Points


Disabled Champion Dirk Williams
39 points


This final match at Lemington Lakes raised a further 182 to swell the charity coffers. This was made up from the entrance fees / guess-the-weight competition and one section winner Steve Schubert electing to donate his winnings also to Tony Richens & Glen Hayes for their generous contributions.

Disabled-angler is very grateful to all the anglers that took part in this years Three shires events, some traveling hundreds of miles to make a difference, and to the fishery owners for their support, and to our sponsor: Steve Bishop (B.R.Electrical). It has been a great team effort and the reward for all of us here at is to be sending a cheque to our chosen charity Francis House to the sum of: 700


Third placed man Steve Wilson confessed to fishing a bait that isnt normally in his bait box? The caster " First maggots now Casters Steve:) He started off by catching at depth using paste, and then later choosing to fish the floating pole and caster.

For the full report and days events please visit:
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