Those First Frosts!...Thrillers but killers...


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Jul 21, 2009
Those first frosts of the year are always met with welcome in my fishing but their icy blanket coating the cars and the ground you get that thrill that the good times are coming. On most occasions i find these frosts arrive during the week as i often think "thank god they are here today when im not fishing"

This year they arrived on a saturday morning before a fishing session on the river and i was made up i was heading to the river as these places can take that sudden drop on the head,especially if chub are the target. Chub are like peter kay would describe those hobnob biscuits "the SAS of the biscuit world" and chub are no different. A nice days chub fishing but i knew carp would be the quarry the next morning i had the bait ready to go in the usual high visability and high feed to keep those carp in the swim but i knew that had to change.

In this weeks vlog we tweak those tactics last minute to help us go from expecting a bite to winking out one on what i knew would be a tough day bankside