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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
I posted in where you fished today a report on my solitary chub catch on the evening of July 14th and the time of the post was 2.19 am Monday July 15th!

Therefore, I will agree with anyone who thinks I am mad, when I tell you that by 4.10 am on that same morning, I was again travelling the 35-mile journey to the River Dove!

With less than 2 hours sleep, even I wondered at my seeming obsess ional behaviour!

Was it my desire to land that Barbel? (Ive had them before, including a small German one this year)
Or perhaps my enjoyment at sitting by the beautiful Dove?
Whatever, I subconsciously divided my journey into 4 sections

First, the 11 miles from Chesterfield to Matlock Bath.
This is a scenic route of the highest quality!
Passing through the lower Peaks, the views are spectacular and never more so than through the Dawn.
Descending into Matlock Town and then following the A6 Gorge, through an almost Swiss like setting, paralleling the Derwent, until you reach the Cromford turn for Ashbourne.

This second 11-mile stretch changes nature completely!
Mean narrow winding slow road unrelieved except for the expanse of Carsington Reservoir, which cannot be admired at speed due to the winding of the road!
Kniveton Village is particularly tortuous, but then leaves only 2 miles to Ashbourne!
Passing through this pretty town and the 9-mile stretch of the A515 seems to speed by until the A50 is reached.

A plethora of Prisons greets you here, Sudbury, Foston, are they like buses? Huddling together for company?

4 more miles and I find myself leaving the car to open the 1st of 3 gates that will see me back on the bankside, just turned 5.00 am on this fine clear morning, that promises to be as warm as yesterday.

First I visit the swim where I lost the 3 fish on Friday!

Here, I fire in 1 pint of hemp, each of lovely milky groats and large soft American Buckwheat (Both turned out better than my hemp by far, in my opinion) some sweetcorn and a few samples of the meat that brought 2 of the bites!

The plan is to fish the swim that produced the chub and was heavily fed yesterday evening, to see if the fish have moved in over that feed, but if nothing materialises by 7.00 am, to move back to where I did connect, however abortively, on Friday.

I set up as follows.

A 2lb test curve carp rod, with a dynadrag50 baitrunner by Okuma, resting on 2 rod rests, with a bite alarm and drop off indicator, is placed pointing downstream and fished Pike (Carp) fashion, just tossing the free running bomb close to the side.

The Quiver tip Method Feeder rod is set up with the same free running link, but points skywards as the bomb is cast across, as close to the line of willows that cover the far bank as possible.
Invariably the current brings the bomb round and downstream, sometimes snagging, but by experimenting with bomb weights, I hope to find a lead that will just hold bottom and give me a drop back indication if disturbed,
From previous experience, I am not frightened of missing the vicious barbel bites, but other fish can be more wary.
On this rod, I have a smaller baitrunner, the Cormoran BR3S.

ON BOTH rods, I have upgraded Line, (12 lbs Berkeley Big Game mono on the Quiver, 15lbs Braid on the 2lbr) Hooklengths (10lb Shimano low diameter) and hooks, (6s and 8s Drennan Boilie hooks, hair rigged)

Setting up quickly, I put a Campbells Meatball to try (very soft and hard to retain on the hair) on the buzzer rod and hook a convenient Black Slug direct on the Quiver rod, ignoring the hair.

There are dozens of Black and juvenile white slugs by any river at dawn and they seem to make a beeline for rod and carrier bags the minute you put them down!
Many, many times I have read of the superb chub bait they make! And invariably I try them 1st thing and gather a dozen or so, for later.
I can say quite categorically that I have NEVER had any success whatsoever with Slugs!
Never a take, not even a knock and certainly no fish caught!
But, such is my reading from Izaak Walton, through Mr Crabtree and currently Tony Miles, that I almost feel guilty if I dont try.
Furthermore, whilst I am happy with most baits, worms, maggots etc., I actually abhor the sliminess of slugs and detest touching and hooking them!
Amazing how the power of suggestion enables one to overcome most phobias.

I wanted to go about this scientifically and reason suggested that my 4 hours of feeding and fishing this swim yesterday should have created the best catching chance. The peg was a recommended one and it had produced a fine chub yesterday! (Armed with my old scales, I would find out just how fine if it happened again today!)
Yet, something told me that I would be better just 2 pegs down, where I had been broken in such heartbreaking fashion on Friday!

After 15 minutes or so, I checked both rods and found the both inextricably snagged!
Both I had to pull for a break and both snapped on the new hook length!
Damn, this Dove is snaggy!
Resignedly retying both, I cast again and fed, although half- heartedly, with less quantity than I had resolved.
During the next hour and a quarter, I retrieved the baits successfully several times, snagged and broke twice more, but by 20 to seven, my fear at the thought of someone arriving and claiming the swim, overcame my scientific reasoning and I moved happily into the old peg.
By 10.00 Oclock, I was not so happy
No bites, despite heavy feeding and 3 more snagged hooklengths gone!
Either too close on the downstream swim was the horrendous snag that had swallowed my bait-dropper, or 2/3rds of the way across was a nasty ridge? Tree? That delighted in snaring any unwary hook.
Hair rigging is fine to catch fish, but is fine for catching branches, roots, etc. too!

I decided on a break and set up a 3 Swan Stick float on an 18ft rod.
Reeling in the quiver, I left the Carp rod, as I would easily bypass this line at 18
Feeding dead white and a few red maggots, I trotted the stick through the swim.
1st trot on double maggot, an instant take and I landed another 1 minnow!
Size 14 Kamasan 911 Hook, 10lb mainline (much too full of memory for successful Stick floating) and 7 lb bottom (Boy was I scared of these Barbel!}
How do these little fish take such a mouthful?

By 11.00 I was tired out from the effort of guiding the stick smoothly at the 18ft extension!
5 minnows were all there was to show for my efforts, no other exciting takes, and the sun was beating down.
The water temperature had risen a full 8 degrees since Friday and now stood over 67 F.
I decided to have a coffee, which was when I discovered I had made a flask of real ground coffee and left it in the kitchen!
Still, I had a bottle of strawberry flavoured (lukewarm) milk and a box of Ribena back in the car, so I would not dehydrate!

I was now feeding less regularly than whilst stick floating and had ceased with the maggots as a deterrent to the minnows.
However, I did try a couple of 6 and 8 hookloads of maggots on the 2 ledgered rods and, yes you guessed, caught another minnow, fair and square, as well as foul hooking a second!
The place is snided with them!
I let them all go, as, although I have read that they too are taken by chub and barbel, determined to stay with a variety of meat baits, including the last remnants of the meat I prepared on Friday.

The day drifted on, I ate, took the tablets! and dreamt of how I would handle the next barbel take!

When it happened at 12.05, or as near as I can recollect, theory went out of the window and I grabbed the wildly bucking quiver rod, as it seemed to come alive!
The fish did exactly as the others had and surged upstream, with me putting every effort in to holding it mid-stream and away from the willows!
It reached a point about 25 yds upstream, stopped and just hugged the bottom!
I applied leverage further and, as if I had annoyed it, it turned and raced back past me at what seemed 90 miles per hour!
I could swear the line made a sound as it sliced through the water and I was already shaking like a leaf!
Lifting the rod high, I tried to bring it up and slowly I was winning.
It came upstream, so, so slowly, with the rod bent at right angles and vibrating with the tension! Surely something will give soon! the thought made me almost sick with my own inner tension!
I had left the baitrunner open, to avoid snapping on the take.
When I hit the strike, this clicked shut and the clutch had taken over, but I am unsure with clutches and had automatically switched to backwind as the fish first ran.

The bomb broke the surface of the water! Only a short hooklength left! And then I saw it for the 1st time!
Martin lent me the video set A Passion for Angling
Have you watched it?
The Barbel footage is brilliant!
They seem to be totally defeated, rolling sideways, helpless, glorious colours of Gold, Green, white underside, red /golden eyes, small, yes, but so expressive, alive! And then they put the nose down, roll and with incredible power the tail flexes and they dive at speed!
That is what it did!
The reel kicked in my hand and the backwind whirred as it went from view and the rod bucked and almost was wrenched to directly point at the fish, Fatal, but I allowed line again and the run was short lived.

Gaining confidence I applied pressure again and could feel I was winning.
I reached for the landing net and swinging it out, I lowered it into the water.
The fish splashed, weaker now, on the surface, but I had more problems!
The landing net in my left hand was seized by the current and swept downstream.
The fish was further downstream and I held the rod high, but could not bring it closer, as I didnt have a free hand to wind the reel.
The river level was some 3 below my feet!
I reached out with the net, at the same time arching the rod backwards with my right hand.
The fish came closer, but the current swept the net beneath it and I had no strength to bring it back!
Pulling the net back in and maintaining pressure on the fish with my right hand held high, I literally dropped to a sitting position with my feet just over the water, angled the net towards the fish and allowed the net to drift downstream, gathering the fish on the way!
As soon as the net enfolded it, I dropped the rod and with both hands, hauled the wet net containing the fish up the bank and into my lap!

I gazed in total admiration at my Barbel!
Gills going, it looked exactly like a dog panting after a hard run.
The eyes watched me intently!

I was shaking like a leaf, but a sense of urgency made me lose the moment of awe as I heeded the gate warning that Derby Railway have posted to protect Our Summer Barbel
There was no time to lose to get it back in its own environment!

First I unscrewed the net head!
Brought out the scales and saw the dial reach 9lb 14 ozs!
BUT, the scales are not that brilliant (although they do weigh 5 bags of sugar at exactly 11lbs)
Secondly, the wet net and the arms, register nearly 1lb.
Thirdly, I want the satisfaction of knowing I am definitely right!
So I am claiming 8lb 13 ozs and it is not only a PB, it is breakable with the new set of scales I have subsequently Internet ordered.
Expensive Barbel and worth every penny!
And of course, the photograph!
In Pride of place on MY chair!


Then, hastily, a poor attempt at a Stewart type self-portrait! (I must learn this camera)
And back in the reassembled net and hold head up to the current for a few minutes.
You cannot believe the pleasure I had, when I saw the fish become frustrated and impatient with its enforced captivity, and as I finally rolled the net back and released it, the feeling of joy, as with an almost contemptuous flick of its tail, it nosed back into the Dove!

I collapsed into my chair!
I was still shaking!
Picking up my camera, I replayed the picture, 6 or 7 times, heedless of the fact that I was no longer fishing, as I had knocked my other rod into the peg, to avoid tangles during the fishes run,

Eventually, I reeled in that rod, re-baited both and set up again.
I fed again, phoned Elaine, ate, drank some milk and basked in the sunlight!

It was 3.30, when I awoke!
Blame it on my illness, the excitement, but please, please purists, do NOT post criticism, as the alternative for me, would be to give up fishing! Unthinkable!
The Quiver rod was as I had left it, but the carp rod, instead of the line pointing downstream, had the line at right angles, across the river and a large branch of willow wrapped around it.
I reeled in, having to apply a great deal of pressure to get the branch through the current!
It was the braid that was entangled with the branch, but below that was a bomb and some line, but no hook!
This fish had bitten, took the line across the stream into the willows. Wrapped it around the overhanging branches and then broken the weakest link
And they say there is no intelligence there!
The quiver rod was also snagged and I had no alternative, but to re-set both rods and put them to one side. I needed to go and get some more fluid from the car!
Whilst I was setting up again, 2 more Anglers joined me and asked how I was doing.
They both bemoaned the fact that the fishing was slow, but were seemingly pleased with my success and 1 set up at the next swim above me.
On heading back to the car, I asked him to watch my kit and on discovering why I was leaving, I was offered a cup of sugarless tea that tasted like nectar from the Gods!
The Brotherhood of the Angle was almost destroyed for me recently, but that stranger has helped restore my faith!

On returning at about 5.30 pm, I cast out both rods and then it started.
Very quickly I had another take on the quiver rod.
If anything the initial run was even more powerful, but after a while, the fish came to the net and subsequently, by the same criteria, weighed in at 5lb 8ozs.
I phoned Dave to let him know, but we missed each other on the mobiles!
Heres that fish.


The meat I had prepared was winning and all the theory was coming good as the fish were starting to feed over the free offerings that had built up. (I guess the hemp/wheat/groats/sweetcorn are not for minnows.)

7.00 and another vicious feeder rod take! Some minutes later, this 6lb 12 oz fish!
Witnessed by my tea friend, who 25 yards away, had no bites!


Time wore on and then, a truly vicious slam of the rod.
Before I could even touch it, the line went slack! Hook pull? I dont know, but 3-2 to me.
At 8.00, I decided to start to tidy up and broke down the float rod. I was just putting it in to the rod bag, when the quiver went again!
Jumping down, I struck and after the same level of fight, was surprised to weigh this one at just 5lb 2ozs.

Same procedure and having re-baited, I returned to the float rod.
I had not the chance to slide in the 3rd section, when it happened again!
I could not believe it!
This one however, dived uncontrollably into the snag and locked solid!
I tried pressure.
The line pointed straight out in front of me, exactly where I had lost at least 3 bombs and/or hook lengths earlier.
I relaxed the reel, opening the baitrunner.
The fish swam downstream and I tightened again.
Stalemate! The fish moved back to position A and the line locked again.
My tea friend had joined me and was watching avidly
Give it more line he advised.

With no better idea, I repeated the loosening of the baitrunner.
This time, I let it run and run and run!
Downstream, some 50 yards and then I tightened and heaved!
It worked, although I dont know how?
This time, when I had brought it level with me, suddenly there was no lock up and it continued upstream!
Tired, it soon came to the net and weighed exactly the same 5lb 2oz, but dont even suggest its the same fish!
Re-setting both rods (why no takes on the nearside line? Ive had 2 before?)
I returned to the float rod bag and the quiver went again!
Jumping down, I struck, but this surge was unbelievably powerful and the hooklength parted with a crack that was redolent of Fridays.
Weakened by the snag? I should have thought of this!
OK 5-3
My new friend then finally caught.
Fishing caster, a cage feeder, 8lb mainline and a 5lb bottom, he landed a fish of 5lb, in his estimation.

Casting out, I resumed packing, just turned 9.00.
Not for long! Another take, what was happening?
A splendid fight and the 2nd biggest of the day, 6lb 15 ozs.
I wish I were more generous with myself, as Im sure I could claim 7, but it was not to be!

6-3 and its nearly half past 9.00

I am totally torn, tomorrow I have arranged to pick up Darryl at 7.00 for a PAD match, but I really do not want to leave this swim after its come good so late.
My friend has departed, its gone 9.30 and I hover beside the newly put in rod. I can almost see the post!
Seven out of 10 aint bad
Cmon the final bite!

Sense prevails and I again climb out of the swim to pack the final pieces.
Inevitably, The most dramatic take of all!
The rod is pulled over to near cracking point! the Butt leaps up and catches in the chair, otherwise I am sure it would have been river bound and by the time I leap down, the line is slack and the 10lb hooklength gone!

Youll never know the reluctance with which I left that swim, despite setting off over 17 and 1/2 hours previously.

Exiting the 3 gates, I stopped in the lane and phoned Elaine at 10.11 precisely.
Love. I said, If you go across the road to the pub at 10 to 11, order me a pint, as I should just make it

Its Quiz night she said, Itll be packed, so I think Ill leave it!

But Ive just caught 6 Barbel I protested
Oh well done she said, How do you get the significance through? Anyway, Ive just got out of the bath and Im in my dressing gown

OK I said faintly, See you later

I have described Kniveton as a tortuous village and so it is, but there was nothing wrong with the pint of Guinness that I ordered at 10.35 that night in the Red Lion.

Been Fishing? queried the landlord as he served me and I realised I was still wearing my Fly vest, with its numerous pockets containing swivels bombs etc.
Yeah, I beamed fatuously Caught 6 Barbel

He looked at me darkly
I never knew there were Barbel in the Reservoir he said and walked away.
Doesnt anyone understand what it means to me? But I was too tired to explain

Well thats a PB for me, Ian, Wendy, Darryl and 2 for Stewart I thought to myself as I retraced my journey back to Chesterfield!
Thats what I call a good week!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Aug 11, 2001


Well done

Fish with Friends @


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Sep 18, 2001
6 Barbel in a session,and a new PB to boot!!!!!!!!
I'm made up for you,and a great read as usual.
I'm late for work now,but who cares,well done mate!


Make Friends,Go Maggotdrowning.

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Dec 7, 2001
well in trev, excellent report of an excellent catch.

dont give the antis any ammo, take your rubbish home.
original "clean banks campaign" slogan.


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Apr 12, 2002
Trev, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, 6 barbel, a PB, fantastic read, follow that!

Dont tier youself out for sunday (dont want any excuses)[lol]

Roving reporter / International angler / Barbel expert. Whatever NEXT?

Nice to see the PB in pride of place in your chair, its beyond me the lengths you'll go to so as to take that chair home WET![lol].

All the best Trev see you soon.



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Aug 8, 2001
Nice one(s) Trev

I nearly missed this post as i've got a lot to catch up on.

Now about that trip oop norf to the Wharfe or Swale, maybe I should come to you, lol



Jan 22, 2002
Now then Trev well m8 what can l say....well jealous comes to fact very jealous !!!!! but l did say you would come up trumps will be
forever m8.....good on ye...
I got a new PB yellow eel yesterday 2in across its head, not far off 3ft long weight 3lb 5oz.....what a scrap.....




'River Man'
Sep 13, 2001
hi trev
great fish m8
it beats fishing carp puddles
isnt great to do real fishing

scouse and proud of it

david platt

Jan 27, 2002
Well done Trev,
and another good read as well
keep em coming
you must be well pleased




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Jul 5, 2002
You have got me drooling reading this classy episode.
As a new member,I look forward to reading the follow-ups.
When you live in London,and travel everywhere in traffic the idea of doing that trip makes my mouth water!
Ron J.


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Sep 29, 2001
Spot on trev,

If these PBs keep on throughout the season where will it end.


Golfs a game for people who can't catch fish


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Jul 25, 2002
Well Done Trev on catching 6 Barbel on the Dove, if you keep it up you might get one on our stretch of the Trent at Barrow.
Tight Lines



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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks Mark and welcome to Maggot Drowners!

I'll have to try harder!

C U Soon


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Jan 19, 2002
Trevor - you simply are not allowed to get ill - at all, for any period, for any reason. No way can you stop posting this stuff without a number of us going into withdrawal. And you are just way too much of a gent to do that.

So, keep on fishing and keep on writing.

Newt Vail
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