Things fishing I know nothing about

The one and only Harvey

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Apr 5, 2020
Of course I'm an expert! In anything and everything concerning the noble art of angling!

Well, maybe not . . . If I'm really being honest to myself, I'm an expert in nothing. Except maybe typesetting mathematics, but that doesn't count. So this is a list, and a very incomplete one at that, of things fishing I know absolutely nothing about:
  1. Pole fishing. I've never even seen a pole, let alone anyone fishing the pole.
  2. Match fishing.
  3. Fly fishing.
  4. All things salmon.
  5. Almost all things carp. (But I'm learning.)
  6. All things zander.
  7. Most things pike.
  8. All things sea.
  9. Boat fishing
  10. And the list could go on . . .