Their At It Again.

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' Victor '
Mar 11, 2002
I know that this has been covered on Fishingmagic and A/Net and quite possibly read by some of you. For those who have not this is a copy of a letter that seems to have been published in just about every local paper in our green and pleasant land.

Cruelty of fishing.
I had the considerable displeasure of witnessing an act of great cruelty on a visit to a popular fishing spot on Saturday.
A group of people were engaged in a fishing contest.
I could not believe that this hideous and grotesquely cruel practice is still permitted under British law.
The poor fish were dragged through the water with an evil barbed hook in their mouth and then having their cold blooded flesh scalded by warm blooded men and unbelievably women also.
These poor creatures were left crammed suffocating in a net until the end of the competition when they were again man handled for weighing.
Now that we have banned hunting with dogs in this country I am sure that we must ban this evil practice as soon as possible.
Please tell your readers that if they see this evil practice they are to approach the fishermen and women and tell them to stop.
I shall be returning to your area at the sen of the month looking for people who will support a ban on fishing.

Theresa Thom.

Well if this isn't peta raising their ugly heads again then I'm MACKEM.
I think that a letter in reply sent by ALL of us to our local paper would not be amiss.
I shall be doing this myself later but for now I'm of fishing.


Not fishing? Then talk to your friends on MDs.

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the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001

You forgot to mention that a Theresa Thom of the letters given address has been contacted & has denied writting it.

It should also be mentioned that Mike Heylin of the SAA has written a letter to the newspaper which printed the letter that started the thread on AN.

Mike is one of the few people who works tirelessly for angling, he is also one of those who tried to keep the live baits allowed in the lake district even though sadly unsuccessful.

The anti's are always there, they never go away & to be honest never will, well not in my lifetime anyway.

Like i have said before it shouldn't matter what species you "target" or your chosen method of pursuing a piscatorial past time, we are all anglers & if we stood together we could create a hell on earth for the anti's.

Remember it doesn't matter whether you're a fluff flinger, a carp yob, a ledger lout, a barbel copper, a predator catcher, a garden gnome icon_smile_wink.gif or a sea angler, the old saying is the truth
Together we stand, divided we fall

When anglers close that divide we will become a much harder target.

Oh & perhaps one ALL MP's should remember is another old saying.

I fish & I vote


I'll have a fiver on the black un


Dec 4, 2001
Well spoken Trogg ,i agree with everything you said

Cheer's Larry


Jul 25, 2002
Yes very well said Trogg, theres not a political party in this land thats going to risk losing millions of votes just to appease some sandal wearing lefty do-gooder.
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