Theft from Fishery


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Aug 8, 2001

Dan Martin

Devastatingly, last night (24th January 2021) our syndicate The Barham lakes in Suffolk and its secure storage have been broken into.
Containers have been cut open and a number of chainsaws, brush cutters, generators, our John Deere Gator and our oxygen reader have all been taken. They even smashed and emptied our petty cash tin!
The culprits seemed to know what they where looking for and used the gator to get away with all of our equipment, cutting through locks and driving through and over our exit gate!
This feels like somebody knew what was stored where, specifically with most items being related to fishery management and being in permanent use. If you have any information please pass this onto any of the Barham lake bailif team or of course Suffolk police directly.
Fishery owners in Suffolk/Essex, please take extra care in making sure your kit is safe, crimes like these are on the rise during these lockdown times.
Please share this post and the related images far and wide. Our Gator had some very unique markings as did alot of our tools.

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Aug 28, 2006
Thieving scum !

That oxygen meter cost £800.....let alone the Gator.