The Wye

Ivan heaphurst

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Aug 19, 2006
Late I know having got back home last Sat7th from the annual holiday in the Wye valley. Got on the river again thanks to the kEeper is a joy every year but with the old knees not being as good as they were most of my little sessions were from the landing stage below the hut. I took a couple of pints of maggots down with me but after the first chuck and the waterboiled with Bleak it was obvious that maggot trotted through for the Dace was not going to the business. I cobled up a bomb on my centrepin and slung it out as far as possible. This fetched my first Barbel and Chub of the jollie. I fished early mornings and evenings for the next couple of weeks when time and grandkids allowed and of course when I had the blessing of the keeper. Fishing all day could be frustrating after the canoes started their trek downriver. An observation on canoes was that the hire canoes were much more polite and got out of the way of my line than the owned boats, who seem to think that they have a right to use the Wye for their own use.
Enough moaning ,despite canoes I had plenty of Barbel and Chub. The Barbel went up to eight pounds no doubles this year but there were plenty of fish to put a good bend in the rod and give the old ticker a flutter. The Chub were a different matter I didn't catch as many as the Barbel but to take four or five of them over five pound was a great thrill. Most so the fish were caught on feeder and pellet but a few did come to a float rig that was tried when things went quiet on the bottom. I must tell of the capture of one of the Barbel. Fishing a two ounce feeder full of bread and pellets I cast it out three quarters the way across the river and before I could get the rod in the rest the tip was hammering round. It must have waiting with it's mouth open. I thought Barbel lived on the riverbed, just shows the books do not know everything.
All of my fish were caught on big pellets I did try meat but it brought the dreaded Eel. Sorry can't be doing with them like snakes I don't like them either.
It was sad to see that Wye Tackle and bait in Ross on Wye has closed, the owner succumbed to the cancer I believe may he rest in peace. He was a fount of knowledge. A tackle shop, Forrest Tackle in Lydney is a good and friendly alternative. Woodies of course in Hereford is there but a thirty mile round trip is a big chunk out the day when the kids want to do other things. I am going to have to go down on my own again.
If there is a better river than the Wye, for everything, scenery, wildlife, and of cou res fish I have yet to find it


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Nov 9, 2014
Yep, poor old Kev bit the dust just over a year ago now...
There is another tackle shop in Ross now, for your future reference.