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Jan 27, 2002
when i went down the canal today i only got bites when i cast the float into a small area sheltered from the wind by some weed and also when the wind died down and when I moved to an area that was sheltered from the wind. The float was completely still, I put shot to drag overdepth (apart from bobbing up and down in the ripples)and i done everything as usual so why? I used the same rig in the sheltered area. This happens to me in different venues if there is a wind over slight I don't catch - why?
thanks for your help

Oh also is there anywhere I can get the very end section for my shimano symetre pole?


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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Rob,

More than likely you'll have been getting bites because you were fishing near to the weed rather than because of the lack of wind.
Wind does have a part to play because as it moves the surface of the water it makes it harder for the fish to see us.
A completely still surface is ideal for the fish to see shapes moving on the bank so they then become wary resulting in no bites.

It's all to do with light reflection - angles of refraction.
I'll try to explain it [:D] - fish and everyone see objects because of light reflecting off the object which is then picked up by the eyes. If you were to look at an object on land you will see the reflected light in a straight line and your eyes will convert that light to you brain as an image. Your brain 'recognises' that image because it compares it with previous images.

In water it is slightly different, the reflected light as it passes through the water's surface is refracted ie bent at an angle. This angle is relative to the position of the object to the water's surface. So the fish is not seeing in a straight line.
When the surface is ruffled by the wind, the reflected light is distorted to the point of being broken down. If it is too windy the fish will be able to make out blurred images but not enough to distinguish them from the background. Therefore providing that image is stationary, they will be none the wiser that you are there and then be less spooked.

Earlier when I said "This angle is relative to the position of the object to the water's surface". If the fish looks out of the water it has less chance of seing you if you are low because there comes a point which forms a blank spot where the fish cannot see. The nearer the bank the fish is, the lower down you need to be.

Now can fish see in colour, hmm, don't know the answer to that one [:)]



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Nov 4, 2001
I cant for one second understand why you get no bites when fishing in a ripple. The only thing I can see is that you have the float shotted right down and your missing seeing the bites. Is the float dragging when your fishing a ripple which would cause an unnatural presentation of the bait.
In general terms the upper layer of water is pushed by the wind so it makes sense to fish into the wind as food will be pushed to that bank by the wind.

chill out go fishing
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