The Willows (Nr York)

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Matt Carter

May 27, 2002
Hope someone can help? I'm due to go to The Willows nr York on either Thursday or Friday this week and would really appreciate some feedback on where to fish and more importantly how to fish. I've only just started fishing again (since I was a lad...) so please speak in plain yorkshire. Also I don't have a pole so it's only waggler or feeder rods at the moment.
Thanks very much for all info received.


Mar 9, 2002

Sorry 'Cant help with venue but just would like to welcome you to MDs, the best angling Web site of all.

I know we have members in that area and I'm sure you'll get some feedback soon.


Great info, great guys, great fun, thats Maggot Drowners


Mar 22, 2002
sory mate never fished that one usually head southwards.ill ask in the shop see if anyone knows owt.

im mad for it


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Oct 5, 2001
Welcome aboard Matt and dont panic, Dave or Stu should be in soon and they're Leeds men.
Could even be relations!
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Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Welcome Matt.

Don't believe Zippy. I am nice to everybody, even Welshmen, (and yorkshire tykes)

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Aug 8, 2001
I'm here, lol,

Ayeoop Matt and welcome on board the more Tykes the better icon_smile_big.gif

The Willows consists of two lakes one in the front of Gallagher's house and the match lake which is directly up the path as you go in.
If you are fishing the match lake the best pegs are at the top, left end of the lake where you will see some rushes and on the left hand side from the half way mark to the top.
The pegs on the right side do produce and for close in fishing there is a part that sticks out. Fish close to the edge here and you will catch small stuff but regular.
The pegs at the top end (not sure on their numbers) near the rushes contain some decent carp but you ned to fish away from the rushes and tempt them into the open, also use strong tackle. The problem with this peg is that any carp caught have a habit of running straight to the rushes where you will loose them. Strong gear, hold on and pull/steer them away into the open.

The pegs on the left hand side are the deepest and over half way up there is a channel in the bottom that a couple of catfish sit in. Fish in the depths or against the island but keep feeding the nearside if it isn't too busy with other anglers.

The lake infront of the owner's house is good for all sorts but is shallow. If you fish here you should catch regularly and in my opinion it is a better lake than the match lake.
Fish the far side either close to the trees or against the weed beds and any bait will do. Maggots will always produce small stuff such as roach, perch and the occasional skimmer and small carp. Corn and luncheon meat will produce the better stamp of fish and if it's warm go for pellet paste which will bring the bigger ones in.
Persnally I think you'd be better off in this lake rather than the match lake which is a harder water.

Have fun and come back and tell us how you got on icon_smile.gif

Cheers, Dave
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