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Aug 11, 2001
Hi All

I have been asked to post this on here for any MD'ers who are members of the RSSG, the post was originally on the BFW site.

Dear ALL
(For the attention of the membership of the RSSG and also any concerned parties outside of this structure.)

Yesterday, Saturday 2nd November 2002, the RSSG committee held a meeting to discuss the future of the RSSG as an organisation. Initially this meeting held just one item for discussion on its agenda and this was the closing down of the organisation. However, during the time period build up to that meeting being held, several people came out and said that they would like to see the RSSG continue if possible.

The remaining committee members welcomed this eleventh hour rescue attempt and promised to try and help whomever to try and obtain this result in whatever way it could.

The meeting was attended by Steve Richardson (Vice Chairman), Ian Jobling (Treasurer), Dave Wingfield (Assistant General Secretary), Andrew Davies (Catchment Officer), Dick Dowling (Individual member) and Chris Goddard (Individual member).

Steve Ralph (Affiliates Secretary) and Clive Dennison (Environmental and Conservation Co-ordinator) gave apologies for their absence.

A long discussion took place between the six individuals present and the decision to allow Chris Goddard to keep the RSSG in existence was agreed upon by all.

The remaining Officers of the RSSG used Rule 16 of the Constitution and Rules of the RSSG to Co-opt Chris Goddard onto the RSSG committee. Ian Jobling proposed that Chris Goddard take up the vacant position of General Secretary. This was seconded by Steve Richardson and was carried unanimously.

Steve Richardson, Ian Jobling, Dave Wingfield and Steve Ralph (via written instruction before the meeting to Steve Richardson) then stated that they were resigning their positions of Office on the committee so that Chris Goddard could enlist a new committee around him. This gesture was made with the future well being of the RSSG in mind by those Officers. The RSSG has been through difficult times in its first year and it is seen that a new committee will help to take the RSSG onward into the future.

Chris Goddard was assured by those named above that he would be supported by them if he needed their help or advice during the coming new era of the RSSG. They also stated that they would be continuing to be individual members of the RSSG.

Andrew Davies stated that he would continue on the committee in his position as a Catchment Officer.

Chris Goddard has been assured by quite a few individual members, through his poll on a rescue package for the RSSG, that he has considerable support for taking the RSSG on. We would hope that this is indeed the case and that those who have offered help and work to Chris, stand by their word to him on this.

The resigning Officers would like to offer Chris their best wishes and hopes for the future of the RSSG. Chris impressed us with his ambition and dedication to the RSSG cause and we wish him much success in his new role as General Secretary for the RSSG. We would hope that you will all give him your 100% support in his new role.

We would like to thank the many members who have come forward to offer their help. It was never our intention to dissolve the RSSG if we could avoid it and we are extremely pleased that we have been able to hand over the reins to Chris and keep the RSSG concept alive. The potential for the RSSG is enormous#8230;we hope that with a new committee in place in the coming weeks, that this potential will be realised by a new force taking it forward.

Lastly, we would like to thank all those who gave us advice, help and the desire to see this through to this happy conclusion. You know who you are and we will not embarrass you by naming you here. You have our sincerest thanks and respect.

On a different note#8230;I shall be writing up the full minutes of yesterdays meeting and, after they have been approved by all six members who attended the meeting, they will be sent out to all the membership of the RSSG in the very near future.

This statement was issued and agreed on behalf of those members who attended yesterdays meeting#8230;#8230;#8230;.the RSSG is now passed over to Chris Goddard.

Long live the RSSG.


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