The Nick Clark Memorial Match 2016.


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Jan 24, 2006
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Evening all,

Just got home from another cracking weekend at Lindholme Lakes, where the 5th. annual Nick Clark Memorial Match was held.

Our convoy arrived late Friday afternoon, and we soon met up with a number of our staunch match supporters, plus a few southerners who we allowed to fish this year.

Match preparations completed, we sat down for a few shandys, before an early night ready for an early morning start.

The weather gods were good to us once again, and another baking day saw a lot of lobster coloured anglers queue for the bbq at the half time interval.

I must take this opportunity to thank Samsons Caf from Nelson, and Moores Bakery from Horsforth for their continued support for our event by providing the burgers and buns for us. They have both supported us for all 5 of our annual matches.

The match itself was literally a game of two halves, with most anglers catching well in the first session, but struggling in the second.

Man of the match and overall winner was Ryan Law on peg 60 with a very respectable 210 lbs 7oz.

Winner of the Novices match was Bradley Hextall with an impressive 54-8 from peg 51. Again, I would like to thank Garry Street and Justin Laundon for their help and supervision of the novices great gesture lads.

The full match result is below :

After the match we returned to the clubhouse for the results, presentations, raffle and auctions, plus a surprise extra of Paul RastaNewman having his head completely shaved. Paul raised around 250.00 for this, and our deep thanks go to him.

Massive, massive thanks to everyone who donated prizes for the tombola, raffle and auctions, too many to thank individually on here, but you know who you are.

After the days taking, we have a few pledges and sponsor donations to come in, but we expect the final total will be between 4-5k, which will take our rolling total well over 30,000.00 for the five years we have been running.

I will up-date the final amount as soon as I know it.

Finally, many thanks to the Granthams for letting us use this excellent fishery once again, and the 2017 match is already booked for Saturday 15/07/2017 so get it in your diaries now.

Two important contacts those with money to pay in please use : and pay in asap so I can calculate the final total.

And if you have any photos of the day, could you send them to me at

Full match result :

1st. Ryan Law (peg 60) 210-7

2nd. John Allerton (40) 151-11

3rd. Mick Herrington (50) 123lbs 12

4th. Richard Drage (2) 121-0

5th. Brian Clay (6) 115.13

Also rans .

Al Loader (snr) (9) 109-3 (section winner 2)

Richard Warwick (35) 105-12 (section winner 7)

Paul Newman (5) 105-1 (section winner 1)

Lee Hextall (21) 100-6 (section winner 5)

Lewis Huddleston (31) 95-9

Andy Limbert (13) 89-11 (section winner 3)

Scott Weston (37) 84-4 (section winner 8)

Alex Clark (56) 76-7 (section winner 11)

Martyn Hartley (58) 73-14

Andy Dawson (59) 71-8

Steve Akal (25) 70-10

Lee Geldart (14) 67-1

Steve Riley (11) 66-0

Lee Hicking (27) 65-2 (section winner 6)

Phil Charlton (17) 63-11 (section winner 4)

Jamie Brearley (16) 61-6

Andy Wood (26) 57-5

Bradley Hextall (Novice 51) 54-8

Josh Powell (48) 54-4 (section winner 10)

Dave Massey (34) 52-9

Ricky East (20) 49-10

Dave Pontin (22) 46-5

Al Loader Jnr (Novice 52) 45-12

Lewis Mifsud (36) 42-13

Kev Clark (12) 39-5

Gary Pickard (38) 38-3

Brendon Lee (23) 36-14

Gary Toole (33) 34-8

John Hartley (29) 34-4

Callum Riley (Novice 53) 33-3

Cameron Dawson (Novice 54) 31-5

Brandon Newman (39) 31-3

Paul Hardcastle (19) 30-0

Paul Taylor (10) 27-13

Steve Moss (28) 25-10

Darren Lemmons (41) 24-9 (section 9 winner)

Linda Bratby (47) 24-3

Hazel Reid (Novice 49) 22-5

Len Wade (30) 7-11

John Mason (43) DNW

Glen Smith (44) DNW



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