The Nick Clark Memorial Match 2013.

Uncle Festa

aka worker1
Feb 7, 2009
I always thought Colin (Worker1) was my long lost twin, does this confirm it ?

If your my long lost twin you must've been born first and got straight on the teet [:0] ...........

I went straight to the bar for a pint[:D]



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Jun 1, 2008
Really enjoyed the weekend, good company and a great laugh.[:D]
And hopefully raised plenty of money.
A big thanks to Steak and all the organisers.

Moved up from 46th last year to 33rd this!!
Another 5 years could be in top 10[?]
Hope you all enjoyed the burgers.

Looking forward to next year.

Mark Dicko

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Sep 17, 2005
Only my second time on Oasis ....4 th in 2012 and won it this year.....wish lindholme was nearer ! Lol.
My match went like this,
Asked Neil how it was fishing.....their in the top foot of water he said......that was it really....decided whatever peg I drew I would fish shallow.
Peg 57. Meant nothing to me.....15 m to the mud line across, decided to start there on expander while pinging 4mm pellets at 11m.
Across my expander was attacked by small fish straight away....after ten minutes and no fish...decided to go early on the 11m shallow line. 6 mm banded pellet and a foot deep, slapped all the time, had 5 F1,s in 45 mins....then just got better and better....half time break....decided not to pile any bait in...hoped they would hang worked...3 fish in 5 mins after restart....had 25 lb in first half and 50lb in second half.....simple but it worked.....


Left hand drawer
Jan 24, 2006
Morning all,[:W]

Many thanks to Duane Silvers at Leeds Laptop Repairs, who has built a website for the events, and we can use this to show off photos, video, future events etc.

Please take the time to register and have a look at the photos and video from the last 2 years.

We will use the site and maggotdrowners to notify future events you may be interested in.

We also hope to have a forum added at some point in the future, but we will continue to use the maggotdrowners forum as our main spearhead

The photos for the 2012 & 2013 events are now on (more to come for 2013) and there will be the 2013 videos added as soon as Duane can get them on.

The site is at :

Please take a look and leave any comments you see fit.

Many thanks,