The Nick Clark Memorial Match 2013.


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Jan 24, 2006
The Nick Clark Memorial Match 2013.

After the resounding success of the first match in 2012, I had my doubts that we could better that, but events this weekend proved me wrong.

Our wagon train arrived at Lindholme in glorious sunshine early on Friday evening, and we found a number of anglers had already arrived and were moving into chalets, setting up tents etc, and one or two having a sneaky practice on Oasis Lake.

Having unloaded the vans and gulping some food down, we managed to get the gazebos and signs erected on Oasis Lake for the following day, and then made a brief visit to the clubhouse, where we met a few more anglers, together with our hosts Neil and Bev.

Prospects and tactics for the match were heavily discussed over a few beers, and it was generally agreed that the fishing was likely to be hard due to the hot weather and large number of anglers on the lake, but this did not put anyone off participating.

0600 hours on Saturday morning saw me having a wander round the lake with my dog, and the weather was glorious already, although looking as though it could get seriously hot during coming hours.

0800 hours saw 51 anglers assembled and eagerly awaiting the draw, and then away to their respective pegs ready for the all in.

As is customary on these matches, 0959 hours saw a well observed minutes silence in memory of Nick and all those that have succumbed to this terrible disease, and this was followed by the all in at 1000 hours.

Despite the increasingly hot weather, reports from around the lake were that a number of anglers, particularly in the early pegs were catching well, and that the novices in the late pegs were getting plenty of bites, with pockets of fish around the rest of the lake.

The bbq break at 1300 hours came as a welcome break for many, and burgers, sausages and cakes were devoured with gusto, along with a large quantity of ice-cold tins of pop.

Anglers and spectators mused around the gazebos, with the bbq, tombola, cake stall and pull a bottle stands all attracting interest, and for other anglers, tactics, tales of missed bites and lost fish were discussed.

We returned to our pegs, and 1400 hours saw the match restart for the final session.

Fish were now being caught in most pegs, and the lake was fishing much better than had been anticipated, despite the heat and number of anglers.

The sun was now in its full glory, and I understand hit a high of 30 degrees at one point, which resulted in bottles of suncream being applied to many anglers.

Rumours were that the early pegs had all caught well, and there were pockets of fish elsewhere round the lake.

The weigh-in started with the novices section (pegs 60-64) and Mark Lyne from Leeds put an incredible 50lbs 7oz on the scales from peg 64, to win the novices section by over 30lbs.

The scales moved onto the main match, and peg 57 found Mark Dickinson with two bulging keepnets containing 84lbs 8oz of fish to take the lead.

Various peg to peg battles were seen as the scales moved round the lake, the closest being between Scott Weston (last years winner) on peg 10, beating newcomer to the event Ian Fisher on peg 11 by 3oz at 34lbs 4oz to 34lbs 1oz.

As the scales reached the final 5 to weigh in (pegs 2-6), 3 of the top 5 weights came from these pegs, but no one was able to beat Mark Dickinsons excellent weight.

Full result as follows :

Overall Result :

1. Mark Dickinson peg 57 / 84lbs 8oz
2. Simon Jeffrey 4 / 76-0
3. Brian Clay 5 / 71-8
4. Nathan Younge 50 / 67-14
5. Tony Horncastle 2 / 67-8

Also rans :

6. Chris Kendall 29 / 63-4
7. Justin Laundon 8 / 54-2
8. Lee Hicking 27 / 47-1
9. Paul Newman 24 / 36-6
10. David Pooley 58 / 34-9
11. Scott Weston 10 / 34-4
12. Ian Fisher 11 / 34-1
13. Richard Warwick 30 / 34-0
14. John Jackson 53 / 31-4
15. Steve Lynn 47 / 29-8
16. Tony Goring 42 / 29-0
17. Alex Clark 54 / 26-2
18. Dave Moore 45 / 24-4
19. R Clarkson 35 / 24-0
20. Keith Haynes 23 / 22-8
21. Mark Critcher 48 / 22-4
21.Wayne Marshall 15 / 22-4
23. Steve Cave 22 / 20-2
24. Steve Akal 51 / 19-4
25. Mal Laurie 7 / 17-6
26. Lee Hextall 19 / 17-0
27. Martin Atkinson 39 / 16-4
28. Brendan Lee 32 / 15-8
29. Kevin ?? 9 / 15-8
30. Colin Higham 55 / 14-4
30. Dave Webster 46 / 14-4
32. Kieran Barnes 41 / 13-4
33. John Mason 12 / 13-0
34. Kevin Fisher 3 / 12-6
35. James Akal 16 / 10-9
36.Tony Lynn 40 / 10-6
36. Alan Smith 38 / 10-6
38. Jason Tucker 20 / 5-2
39. Danny Lock 44 / 4-4
40. Brewkit 25 / 3-6
41. Len Wade 43 / 0-4
42. Mark Aikens 31 / DNW
43. Simon Clark 37 / DNW
44. Peter Craig 17 / DNW
45. Terry Naulls 36 / DNW
46. Dave Stokes 14 / DNW


1. Kev Fisher 3 / 12-6
2. Justin Laundon 8 / 54-2
3. Wayne Marshall 15 / 22-14
4. Lee Hextall 19/ 17-0
5. Paul Newman 24 / 36-6
6. Chris Kendall 29 / 63-4
7. R Clarkson 35 / 24-0
8. Martin Atkinson 39 / 16-4
9. Tony Goring 42 / 29-0
10. Steve Lynn 47 / 29-8
11. John Jackson 53 / 31-4


1. Mark Lyne 64 / 50-7
2. Ryan Rainey 63 / 22-9
3. Craig Barker 60 / 16-8
4. Rick Fairburn 61 / 5-4
5. Sam Fisher 62 / 1-6

As the match concluded, anglers made their way into the clubhouse, and the evening commenced with the results and presentations, followed by Neil Granthams highly entertaining running of the raffle and auctions.

Those hardy few that survived late into the night despite the heat of the day, the bbq, the stalls, the presentation, raffle, auctions and large quantities of beer, were finally treated to a few entertaining rounds of the Higher or Lower card game, which was eventually won by Len Wade, and this was followed by Neils own horse racing game, which created real track-side excitement for all those taking part, it was an excellent end to an excellent day.

At the time of writing this, we have around 4500 in, with a bit more to come, so we have already exceeded the 10k target we were hoping for over the two years.

I will update the amounts as and when we receive more money in.

We took a large amount of photos before, during and after the match, and these can be seen at please take a look, fit, register if possible, and pass any and comments you see fit.

Finally, I would like to pass my personal thanks to all those who helped with the organisation and running of the event, to the sponsors who provided prizes, donations, food etc, and to all the anglers who took part it is all of you that make this event the success it is.

Many thanks,

Steve Akal/Steak.


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Mar 21, 2006
Well done to all you guys who worked hard fabulous achievement.

it is all of you that make this event the success it is.if it was not for you Steak who would run it you must take all the credit



Jun 17, 2008
Cheers for a fantastic day Steak [:T], i had a great time and can't believe that i came 10th [:D] will hopefully beat that next time if i can make it [:D]

Everybody involved in organising the day deserves a huge thank you for making it a huge success.

Mark Dicko

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Sep 17, 2005
Thanks again to Steve and his team......well organised , well done.
Took a nugget off Brian Clay so well happy ! Lol


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Jan 24, 2006
Hi lads,

Got to report my second error on the results [:I][:I] (1st. one was recitified on Saturday [:p]), section 11 was won by David Pooley, but I have accidentelly awarded it to John Jackson.

Apologies to all.



Jun 17, 2008
Woo hoooooooo i won a section at Lindholme and came 10th, thats enough for me steak and its my own fault for not paying attention LoL just tell John Jackson he owes me half a t-shirt [;)] LoL

A huge thank you for everything and honestly don't worry about it mate. [:D]


Aug 16, 2003
Sorry we couldn't stay for the results and raffle Steve but Tony had to get back for his daughters 21st birthday party.

Another great day out in hard fishing conditions. How do you book this weather every year? (last years thunderstorm aside!)[:T]


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Feb 25, 2008
great day and night steve mate

awesome rusult , making loads of money - who cares if the fishing was hard for a few of us , we all enjoyed the day

book me on for next year please[:T]

Uncle Festa

aka worker1
Feb 7, 2009
Well done Steve,Alex and family another well organised match with a great turn out [:T]

Well done to everyone that attended and help raise monies for such a worthy cause.

Was nice to see a few old faces and a few new ones.

Sorry I couldn't stay but had to shoot off to the wedding, got a hell of a lot of earache off swmbo because I didn't get there until nine o'clock [:I]

Stick me down for next years fund raiser [:)]



Jul 1, 2006
Thanks for a great day and well organised [;)] a great turn out for a great cause [;)]

Please put mine and wayne marshall for next years event [:T][:T][:T]

pole addict

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Oct 20, 2009
A great day again and a fantastic cause that is close to the hearts of so many of us.

A challenging days fishing but good company with shallowman,pauln,brewkit,nemesis and ecky close by.
Good to meet silly socks at last after hearing so much. [:T]

Commiserations to those who succumbed to my prowess in the battle for the shiny nugget and well done to shallowman for taking mine. [8D]

And a huge PMSL @ "The Tip Back Twins", namely Texpert and Tinny. [:D][:D][:D]

To the lovely lady who spooned fresh cream onto my scone and then lovingly sliced a strawberry on top.....50p ? [:0]...well worth 2 of anyone's money. [:p][:p]

Steve Akal, you and your family and friends are incredible people and once again I was so proud to have been part of an amazing day.
Shame I couldn't stop over this year, but I'm a deffo for next year and already looking forward to it.

Well done everyone. [:T][8D][:)][:W][:W]

silly socks

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Aug 14, 2010
Great day, great company, book me on for next year please Steve.

Keep up the good work for such a worthy cause!!!

IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian the Fish

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Jul 26, 2003
I am so pleased that the day was a complete success and huge amounts of money was raised for a great cause. Well done to Steve,Alex and family for another well run event, and to all MD's and friends who attended.
Neil, Bev and staff as usual superb hosts.


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Aug 8, 2001
An excellent weekend all in all [:T]

It was certainly a fun event with plenty of laughs throughout the day and into the evening, and all for a very worthy cause [^]

30. Colin Higham 55 / 14-4
30. Dave Webster 46 / 14-4

ROFLMAO - I always thought Colin (Worker1) was my long lost twin, does this confirm it ? [:eek:)] roflmao.gif