The magic 'Ton' of Tench?


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Jul 4, 2019
I got to my local estate lake, Himley Hall in Dudley for my usual time of 7am this morning. I was a bit sceptical to be fair and not the most excited I had been for a session after having a 'frustrating' day there a couple of days ago where I had 3 Tench in the morning before my swim died on me. It was a bit cooler overnight last night so I wasn't expecting too much. I had in my head that peg selection on this big (but not massive) lake was going to be key.

2022-05-12 17.36.58.jpg

2022-05-12 17.37.03-1.jpg

As above, I plumped for peg 24. This is a peg about halfway between the shallows at 4' and the deeps at 8', so about 6' deep. I almost gambled going on the shallows but figured the deeps would be a gamble too after yesterday, so this was a happy medium was my thinking.

No signs of fish there when I arrived, but as I was setting up there was a load of fizzing on the 25m line. They fizz a lot when feeding at this place and always give themselves away like that by disturbing the weed, so that raised my hopes slightly.

Having been fishing from 7.30am I had my first bite at 8.23am. A nice Tench I had to weigh, it was 6lb 10oz.

1) 8.23am (6lb 10oz)

2022-05-12 08.23.30.jpg

A few more Tench followed as below.

2) 8.54am
2022-05-12 08.54.15-1.jpg

3) 9.20am
2022-05-12 09.20.37.jpg

4) 9.48am

2022-05-12 09.48.22.jpg

5) 9.56am

2022-05-12 09.56.42.jpg

So a decent start but would the peg die on me like it did yesterday? It was around the time I had the lovely Golden Tench above that the bailiff came round shouting to me, "did you see it?".

"No I've been busy catching Tench, had 5 already" I replied.
"That angler to your left has just had a 36lb Grass Carp and a 26lb Common" he said.

Now fair enough, that's something I would have liked to have seen, one of the lakes big Grass Carp that are reported to come out over 40lb.

Anyway, I was soon back to my own fishing after paying the £6.60 for a day ticket.

Among the next few fish was another nice Tench I had to weigh, this time it was 6lb 12oz. That was the last fish I'd weigh today and I think the biggest.

But to cut a long story short, the Tench didn't stop feeding as feared, and were actually ravenous all day as pictured below.

6) 10.12am
2022-05-12 10.12.46.jpg

7) 10.53am
2022-05-12 10.53.38.jpg

8) 11.35am
2022-05-12 11.35.11.jpg

9) 11.55am
2022-05-12 11.55.02.jpg

10) 12.38pm
2022-05-12 12.38.11-1.jpg

11) 12.47am
2022-05-12 12.47.24-1.jpg

12) 13.00pm
2022-05-12 13.00.44.jpg

13) 13.07pm
2022-05-12 13.07.41.jpg

14) 13.19pm
2022-05-12 13.19.54.jpg

15) 13.56pm
2022-05-12 13.56.14.jpg

16) 14.08pm
2022-05-12 14.08.54.jpg

17) 14.20pm
2022-05-12 14.20.58.jpg

18) 14.46pm
2022-05-12 14.46.45.jpg

19) 14.56pm
2022-05-12 14.56.08.jpg

20) 15.32pm
2022-05-12 15.32.52.jpg

21) 15.40pm
2022-05-12 15.40.00.jpg

22) 15.51pm
2022-05-12 15.51.03.jpg

23) 16.02pm
2022-05-12 16.02.36.jpg

24) 16.20pm
2022-05-12 16.20.11.jpg

25) 16.52pm
2022-05-12 16.52.31.jpg

26) 17.21pm

2022-05-12 17.21.59.jpg

27) 17.34pm
2022-05-12 17.34.06.jpg

So that was 10 hours fishing for 27 Tincas in total with only a smattering of Perch that I don't really count on a day like today.

2022-05-12 17.37.18.jpg

Now I want to apologise for the gratuitous amount of pics above, but after a day today I think it's a good way to document the session. My previous best from here was 13 Tench and I thought that was good, but the fish were also a good stamp, well conditioned fish, today with most being 4s, a good share of 5s and few 6s with only a couple of 3s. So by my estimate that's easily a 'Ton of Tench'.

I don't always document the tackle I use but might as well for posterity today. Greys 1.25lb TXL Twin Tip Rod, 6lb Maxima to 0.18 Stroft on a maggot feeder helicopter rig with a 40g Black Cap Feeder.

Other than that, I guess I am lost for words... easily my best Tench session and a proper red letter day!


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Sep 29, 2015
Mate, what an absolutely blinding session! Well angled and I hope you’re not all tinca’d out. Hope by this point you’re having a beer (y)

Fave fish: no.7, classic tinca looks


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Mar 10, 2019
Well that is an incredible haul on such simple tactics the best sort of fishing that very well done indeed!


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Feb 25, 2016
Cheers all. Put it this way, I didn't eat my sandwiches on the bank today. Pure adrenalin. Still waiting for my nerves to settle before I have my dinner then will definitely be having a drink to celebrate.
You couldn't have 'celebrated' your catch with fish paste sandwiches anyway Steve! :oops: :p:ROFLMAO:


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Jul 4, 2019
Cheers all. Chilling with a beer now. I'm very lucky to have this venue close to me. My mate Richard tells me it used to be good years ago and then they had a fish kill and it was useless for years. They stocked 200 Tench in there about 15 years ago and he thought, "that's it?". But they've thrived in the clear and weedy water and now it fishes better than ever when they're on it, like today. And to add to that, hardly anyone fishes it for Tench. Today there was just me and a couple of Carp anglers.


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Feb 25, 2016
@Zerkalo .......^^.......Raising a glass in your direction celebrating your brilliant catch....:love:(y).....(Cup of tea hactuallyyyyyy!):D
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Apr 16, 2022
Happy days ,what a fantastic day you had and what a great place to fish and a day ticket water as well, that is more tench than I have had in the last 10 years or so, have almost given up with my fishing in the summer,rakeing/baiting up/4am starts for nothing.....................and then I saw your post and them beautiful tench,got me all excited again, well done