The Little Red Men


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May 1, 2016
Just done a tidy in the garden, bird feeders taken down to be cleaned for winter feed etc, a general look see at things. The large floppy buckets of water we use to water plants three of them, they get filled up when it's dry, open to rain and left on their own when not needed. So time to empty and clean too.
Deep in the silt and crud as I poured off down the drain clinging to the sides were several Little Red Men. Lively, seductive and begging me to wonder IF only IF !
Could I see the garden full of these buckets, festering, breeding a cottage farm industry where I could become a Bloodworm Baron to supplement my pension.
Well, you could guess the answer. My dearest was complaining of being bitten when she was in the garden the other night, I don't think I will put this money making idea to her, she wouldn't appreciate it.:sneaky: