The Knoll, Hayes, nr Bromley

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Oct 27, 2005
There a small park in Hayes, near Bromley with three small ponds and its always looked fishy, so gave the larger one a go yesterday morning. Couldnt stay too long as had to be back by late morning to fire up the barby for a family do at lunchtime.

Arrived at about 7.30 shortly after it opened and tackled up with light float gear and flake as bait always a good bet on a park lake where lots get chucked in for the ducks. Plenty of small roach, two what looked like some sort of brown goldfish or hybrid crucians but nothing that warranted the landing net. At about 0930 I hit one bite and the rod keeled over. I let it run, but had to tighten up as whatever it was headed for a sunken branch. The inevitable happened and the hook hold gave. Dont know what it was tench? carp? but it felt pretty big.

I upped the line strength and the hook size, but shortly afterwards a jobsworth parks warden turned up and claimed fishing was not allowed there ( despite the lack of notices). With only half an hour before I was due to pack up and on such a sunny Sunday morning I couldnt be arsed to argue, but Ill definitely be back.
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