The joy of light elastics


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Sep 20, 2018
Is now the time to admit that I’m still using the elastic supply that I got (free) when Sponsored in 1992!
i’ve just about run out of 6 and 8, but still got loads of no.2 ;)

no.8 was the largest size in common use back then!
Is that the old ZIM elastic? remember that only went to 8 grade


Luke D.
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May 1, 2007
I use light elastic on a silvers match every Wed, 4-6 middy solid, lovely elastic. now we have pullers it's not an issue if hooking carp.
About 4 years ago tried hollow elastic for silvers for a season and was not happy with it, carp would get to much of a head of steam and no control. also not suited to winter.
Those middy elastics are spot on, the green 3/4 is perfect for small skimmers and roach, purple 5/6 a little step up but have landed big carp on a puller. Cheap too.