The Gratitude Games. (Emergency Services Workers)


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Sep 18, 2001
I'm posting this on behalf of Trevor Price (@911) the Fishery Manager at Alders Farm Fishery as it may be of interest to any of our members or their families who are employed by or recently retired from The Emergency Services.

Alders Farm Fishery are proud to be hosting one of the Events in the Gratitude Games .. We were honoured to be asked to be involved from the outset to support our Emergency Service employees which because of the Pandemic has been delayed until next year.
Alders Farm Fishery tryโ€™s to help as many good causes as possible and will continue to do so.

The point of this post โ€ฆ..
If you are a member of our Emergency Services ( or recently retired) as a little thank you from us all at Alders Farm Fishery for everything you do, and have done .
We are offering FREE OF CHARGE for 15 Anglers a Days fishing with Angling coaches to help if you need advice ( Tackle can be provided) .
3 Anglers on our Members Only Specimen lake .
12 Anglers on Ash Lake .

Please contact the fishery if you would like to be entered in to the Ballot which will take place in April 2022 and the lucky winners will be informed of the Date which will be in June 2022 ( Date TBC).
Open to NHS workers, Ambulance Crews, Police, Fire Service not forgetting the R.N.L.I who constantly risk their own lives to help others.
Contact us via email. or 01525261713.
Stating which Emergency Service you are a member ofโ€ฆ

That just leaves us to say thank you all.

A great cause I hope you agree and should any forum members wish to help out at the Fishery on the day (once the date has been confirmed) with the running of the event I'm sure that it would be much appreciated by Trevor and the Fishery. :upthumb:

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Mar 7, 2021
As a recently retired Fireman, yes a good old fashioned politically incorrect Fireman. I can honestly not thank all involved enough for this wonderful gesture, well done all(y)