The Fishing Gurus Podcast #016 - Steve Ringer and Mick Vials (World Club Feeder Championships 2021)


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Sep 18, 2001

In this episode of the Guru podcast, we have two England international anglers in number one world-ranked feeder angler and Team Ringer's angler Steve Ringer, and number three ranked and Barnsley Black's angler, Mick Vials. The pair discuss their recent international showdown during their trip to the World Club Feeder Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In this episode, we got a full rundown on the entirety of the event, including an exclusive behind the scenes insight into Steve’s and Mick’s respective team’s tactics, training, and fishing. Also, we find out how Barnsley Black anglers, Matt Godfrey, and Mick Vials both came home with an incredibly impressive silver medal!