The Fishing Gurus Podcast #013 - Matt Godfrey's World Championship Special


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Sep 18, 2001

On this episode of the guru podcast, we have our podcast host Matt Godfrey, in for a special world championship show. He recounted his recent journey fishing with the England team out in Italy for the 67th Nations Coarse Angling World Championship 2021. Podcast producer, Toby Clarke, kept up with Matt throughout his entire trip. He followed Matt through his preparation at home, to driving across Europe and even during his practice week out on the match length, the River Mincio, in Pescierra Del Garda, Italy. After a rollercoaster of a match, the England team ended up with a well-deserved bronze medal finish. Matt then came back into the studio to tell the entire story behind the team’s amazing achievement. In this episode, you will get an exclusive insight into what it is like to fish for England, both on and off the bank! We also take a first look into the match fishing mind of our host Matt, and we find out exactly why he is one of the most naturally talented anglers on the bank today.