The end of an Era


23/04/2008 - 25/12/2021
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Apr 23, 2008
Well all good things eventually come to an end

many of you have read my reports of fishing the silverfish winter league,

participating in it for a number of years has always been the highlight of my cold weather fishng, travelling across many venues throughout the south east, fishing with relatively the same faces, it was always nice to meet up and see them after the summers break

originally it was a 20 member league, and was almost a you had to fill a dead mans shoes to get on it, as I had to wait for the first two years of its existance to finally book my place

we used to fish a mix of venues then, some close, most a decent distance in both milaeage and time taken to travel to the venues, as I live right on the channel coast, closer to france than most of the ponds and lakes that were booked,

this wasnt a problem, the venues and company more than made up for it, the early early starts, driving through wind, rain, fog and snow to fish in mud and grime, beaten almost senseless sometimes by what the weather threw at us, it didnt matter, the quest for glory and a good place on the final table was all it was about

those that fished must of some times been fed up with the questions of how why when, what tactics, bait, depths, shotting and rigs did you use, that I flung at them sometimes, though none ever just pushed me away, always willing to help, to inform and to assist my attempts to rise higher in the table, these fellas, Martin, Nick, john, Bill, ec etc I thank you for your help and advice, you made me a better angler,
eventually actually using your tips I even won one round of the series last year, after more than 60 matches fished,

this year though the league changed, numbers of anglers were cut to 10 only and instead of the travelling to various ponds and lakes it was announced that the whole league was to be fished on a single venue

hey ho, I dont do the booking, just turn up to fish, pay my fees and pools, its not up to me what the organisor wants, its his league

though I must admit, that after gleaning as much information as to the singular venue as I could, from old match reports, the venues club members, angling shops, and the internet, I wasnt overley impressed

whilst the venue had a good selection of lakes, a cafe, toilets, a good safe car park on site, what I had found out about it fishing wise wasnt the best

we were to fish just one lake on the site, a doughnut type pond with a central island, the lake really was quite small, with very little depth and quite shallow due to a fair bit of silt building up on the bottom

the first match was in january, a late start for the league, normally beginning november time and running for around 4 months with a gig every couple of weeks, this year there was only 7 matches and the rules had changed somewhat

it was now, float only and to somes surprise carp were now allowed to be caught and netted, with a proviso that it was to be counted as a max 6lb in weight even if it was larger

the first matches were fished in horrendous weather, rain, sleet, snow and fog, hardly anything was caught, the entire weights for the whole 10 fishing totalled far less than maybe one or two singular nets in previous years on other ponds

rumour abounded as to the cause of such poor fishing, and after 3 matches the organisor threw in the towel and moved the series to another venue, changing it to Orchard place farm silvers lake for the remaining gigs

this venue I absolutely hate, with a vengeance, I dont even like the area its sat in, as some of you that might read my reports will recall, that after it was used as a venue previously, at the end of the series, i said thats it, I am never fishing here again

I know some like the place, its a F1 winter heaven for loads of people on lakes 5 and 6, thats your perogative, myself its not for me

I missed the first match on it, the weights showed that despite the owner bunging tonnes more fish in it, it hadnt improved from previous years, I apologise for not ringing and informing the organisor that I was not coming but you knew my views as to the pond

yesterday, I told him I wasnt fishing the final two gigs, and was subsequently thrown out, not ever to fish the league again

I respect your decision, yes I know I can be a complete asshole, a right miserable ******, and a pain in the arse and its your right to ban me

thanks for the good years, the laughs and banter, I leave with a heavy heart that I wont fish with friends again


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Aug 8, 2001
Sometimes Mick you have to stick to your guns, if you're not enjoying something and no one is forcing you to do it, it's time to move on. Life is too short [:)]


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Sep 18, 2001
Sad state of affairs Mick.[:(]
Time to move on fella, life is way to short to be fishing venues that you don't enjoy. Plenty of decent venues around your way and never enough days to fish them all. Onwards and upwards to new adventures.[;)]

david white

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Jan 6, 2011
As your title states the end of an era that maybe if others are like minded even be the end of a ' winter league '
I think as one gets older the need to prove oneself against the elements and 'poor ' venues ceases to be an achievement, eventually sanity kicks in and common sense prevails ' I ain't enjoying this anymoor ! '
as others have said ' onwards and upwards


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Apr 4, 2008
Change is as good as a rest Mick
I've never fished the whole series due to usually travelling to the other side of the world to get some winter sunshine
Must say though when the league was fished at Hartleylands, Elphiks Monks Chequertree etc it was good craic and good variety
Still look on the bright side summers coming looks like there will be a few decent matchs in the Far East organised So less travel and a fine bunch of layabouts to fish with
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Mar 29, 2015
Sad state of affairs but i bet my ****** ya find another Maybe better winter league, the one thing being is we all preach to the same angling God so we P;ss in the same pot. Good Luck [:T]


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May 27, 2010
I used to like reading your write ups after a match. Hopefully you will find another winter league that will keep your mind ticking over..Good luck..[:T]


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May 23, 2006
Sorry to hear this Mick. I always enjoyed your reports. I hope you find another league with venues you enjoy fishing.