The Builder, the Plasterer and the Loco man aka…The Drowners have a practice.

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

The white transit bumped its way along the dirt track, inside Wise Owl wrestled with the wheel whilst trying to get some sense out of Red Leader who was navigating.

“I might as well have invited Sly for all the fookin good you are”

His companion for the trip sniffed into his hanky and replied “I’ve not been well you know”

I’ve never heard so much rubbish; you’ve had a cold, nothing more” was the scathing reply.

Dave withdrew into himself and studied the OS map, google had long since given up.

“We must be close” said WO “we have followed Pomp’s directions to the letter”

The two Drowners stalwarts were trying to find a new ‘natural’ lake that Pompous Git had arranged to meet them at and it was proving to be so secret that it was beating all the directions that the modern IT age could offer.

The white van pulled off to the side of the track and WO killed the engine, “I need a peez” he explained. Jumping out of the van WO took stock of his surroundings, it was just after dawn and the birds were in full song, “jeez” he thought to himself, as he let a full stream fly up the side of the dusty white paintwork, “this is a beautiful part of the world”

He zipped up and climbed back into the van “c’mon” he shouted “we can’t be far away”

The van rock and rolled over a few more potholes and then, rounding a bend, stopped in front of a gorgeous lake. “This must be it” exclaimed Red Leader

“Looks like it mate; beautiful, wonder where PG is”?

The two drowners disembarked and made their way over to the lake. About 3 acres in size and It screamed ‘fish’ at them.

“This looks the business” exclaimed WO excitedly.

“Do you think it is the right place”? said Dave “There is no sign of PG”

PG had contacted WO and RL to arrange a practice on a new lake he had discovered, via a friend in the House of Lords. It had never been designated as a fishery but PG had been assured that it held a massive stock of roach and rudd plus the odd huge tench. PG had long been of the opinion that they should move away from Lindholme as their ‘home’ venue; it was too easy for the opposition to gain information and, considering the limited angling ability of his squad, a change of venue might enhance the Drowners kudos. Now the two Drowners were stood at the bankside looking at a wonderful vista. The lake was lily fringed and the water was a mass of bubbles, as leviathans of the deep rooted in the mud. The air was heady with the scent of wild garlic and meadowsweet, “what a fabulous place” said Dave excitedly.

“Certainly is” replied his mate.

“Halloo, my dear boys”

WO and RL whirled round to see PG striding over the path to greet them.

“Found it alright”? he asked

“yeah” replied WO “eventually”

“Now then chaps, Aubrey told me that we need to fish off the island” explained PG pointing at an Island about 30 yards out.

Aubrey!!!.............Fookin Aubrey” shouted WO “by god Pomp, you mix in strange circles”

“So says the satisfier of Polar Bears” replied PG sarcastically

“How do we get on the island” asked RL.

“We walk” said WO, and, stepping on to the water he, effortlessly, walked across it.

“C’mon Pomp” he shouted “it looks brilliant”

PG went next, and just like WO he walked straight over the water.

“C’mon Dave” they shouted “there’s a peg here with your name on it”

They both watched as Dave walked towards the water, he took a tentative step and disappeared, all that was left was his MD cap floating on the surface like one of Nick Gilbert’s dibbers.

“You tw*t” said WO “you should have told him about the stepping stones”

PG fixed him with his best cerulean stare “what stepping stones?” he replied.

Wise Owl

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Mar 29, 2015
Wish I’d have been able to do that on the Sea of Galilee at Xmas, ??

Bless ya Dave Jesus loves ya ?


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Mar 18, 2011
My name in print twice without being prefixed by court round up,I am doing well :ROFLMAO:
As good a read as usual :upthumb::)