The Aughnacloy Classic

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Aug 8, 2001
Received by email:

quote:Fairly Run Competitions Are Dying
Please Help Us Save Them

Who is fishing the Aughnacloy Classic, which is in Northern Ireland (South East) (Dungannon Area) (Loughgall and Enagh Lakes). Two of the best venues in the country, spread over two days, with a formidable array of both Fish and Anglers. With guaranteed exceptional prizes totalling 2600 stg.

Anyone can enter, anyone can win, but only those who enter are supporting this event in the fishing calendar.

A fishing holiday organization helped to get Anglers here in years one and two, Now we are well enough established to go independent so as not to offend or put any one off with personal preferences.

Without the continued support of all Anglers, the sport will fade as will this very fairly run competition.

It is an Open, therefore anyone can enter, and our points system means that there is no winner until the end of day two, as opposed to a landslide on day one. Both lakes will be fished cold on day one, then the Anglers switch to a pre-baited lake for day two.

The only losers are those that do not enter, Oh and the Dungannon and Armagh councils. They pay for the Administration costs, Entertainments costs. Who says nothing in life is free.

Our waters are clean and easy to fish, whether you're a professional an amateur or a pleasure angler, you have the same chance to win as anyone else but only if you enter.

We can not do much about the 2003 entries now as the draw is on 05/09/2003 but with you support we can make 2004 a year to remember.

Give fishing a chance, support your sport, Tell us were we are going wrong so we can fix it for you.

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