Thanks Santa!


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Jul 8, 2003
I did not go in for a Secret Santa float swap this year, because my garage is undergoing building work to convert it to something more useable, and all my 'bits' and tools are in storage.
But thanks to the generosity of my good friend Barbelcatcher, I still had a little parcel to open on Christmas Day.

Four excellent sarcandas reed floats, complete with stainless steel weights in the stems, and rubber sleeve swivels.
Two different sizes in two different colours, and although the sizes vary,the floats are so perfectly weighted that they require just a couple of no. 10's to cock them perfectly. The larger floats take the same extra weight as the smaller floats, so it is possible to swap float sizes during a session, without breaking the tackle down.

Thank you Peter, I'm looking forward to giving them a wetting! (y)