Tackling A New Venue......Important to reflect??


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Jul 21, 2009
So this week i visited a brand new venue for pike, it was a real buzz heading out to the complete unknown but as much as i was excited it was an excellent opportunity to answer the common question i get "how do you approach a new venue"

So in this vlog i cover, thought process on swim selection, bait choices, a simple rig to get started and i cover some reflection on the session at the end. Like all my vlogs i do my upmost to help others who may be apprehensive about pike to try it, we dont all have someone to go with.

It got me thinking, a certain percentage dont watch all the video so will never see the reflection bit in the end but is this the most important message in this video??

is looking back where we piece those pieces together and in essence the most important part of the learning,