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Dec 2, 2001
Having completed my jury service and sentence passed, I can now lawfully talk about the terrible multiple murder at a supermarket last year.

A couple were shopping and an argument errupted, and the husband told his wife that he would wait for her in the car.

On his way to the carpark he passed the notice board where he saw a card reading "Arty - Hitman".

The husband phoned the number and Arty answered. Thinking it was a joke the husband asked how much it would cost to kill his wife?. Arty replied "I hate women, I will do it for nothing."

Arty asked where the husband was, and as he lived nearby Arty arrived a few minutes later. Arty said again "I will do it for free but will you put a pound carpark ticket on my car". Which the husband did.

Arty asked which lady was the man's wife, then he calmly walked up to her and strangled her. Another customer attempted to intervene but he too was strangled. Security were called but not before the checkout lady was throttled to death also. The police arrived and Arty was detained. It will be on the news today and I've been told tomorrow's newspaper headlines reads "Arty chokes 3 for a pound at Tesco"