Sunrise Lakes near Follifoot


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Sep 22, 2020
Yesterday saw myself and @Mrs Munch heading over to Sunrise Lakes near Follifoot Yorkshire. Welcome to
It is somewhat off the beaten track and a track being the roadway to the fishery, poor old fully laden car got a right old suspension workout!
What a lovely place though, the main match lake has features galore and there is parking close by for quite a few of the pegs. It was created to suit all methods, with open sections, islands, canal snake sections and plenty off lilies and reed banks. We opted for 2 roadside pegs, the Mrs had a small lilly section to her right and I fished open water at a very short line to hand distance. We both opted for waggler, Mrs was trying a 12' rod for the 1st time along with a feeder arm for her chair and I had a new Preston Centris reel to put through it's paces. Mrs was on maggot to start and was hoiking one silver after another out. I meanwhile was on the corn, looking for the better stamp of fish namely F1 and larger silvers. Her ladyship after a while, stopped feeding maggot, there was no need to as the lake is stuffed full of small silvers and she still continued to catch one after the other. I on the other hand was struggling. There were plenty of fish in the swim and the depth was set correctly but the bites were so shy it was hard to detect them. I had dotted the 1g float right down so only a couple of mm was showing and this did result in a few fish but still the Mrs was pulling them out... She then decided to swap over to corn as she was fed up with little fish and now she had got used to the rod was confident in playing some bigger ones. Straight away she was in, nice F1 quickly followed by a nice skimmer.... I was still struggling, I was catching albeit a lot less than her. We used hemp to start out with but soon ran out and switched to feed pellets, the swims were fizzing with all the fish but still I could not get onto them. I have no idea what I was doing wrong, I moved the tell tale shot closer to the hook 3" thinking this might help but it didnt, so I moved it 8" from the hook just in case the corn was getting silted up, no change, I was struggling and SHMBO was pulling them in like a goodun.
She called me over to help as she had snagged up whilst playing a fish and could not get it out. The line was within arm reach so I just grabbed it and applied pressure, lo and behold the snag gave and a small F1 came to my hand. My fish I said, I landed it. Have you seen how close to the water you are on your hands and knees darling was the reply....
Your fish!!!

We both had an very enjoyable day and I must say I am really impressed with how her ladyship has improved, the week away has really brought all the little things together and she is now a very confident and capable angler. She handed me my ass and I knew it. I was so very proud though. All that time and effort has now come to fruition and I see her as a worthy adversary on the waggler. There was not one swoosh of the rod, just controlled casting with minimum effort. :love: Perhaps we should put a golden nugget on our next outing?:eek:

Tight lines all



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Sep 18, 2001
@MunchMyStump = owned by @Mrs Munch 🤣
Sounds like we need to see a report by Mrs Munch if we want to know how to fish the venue. ;)

As for "Perhaps we should put a golden nugget on our next outing?" Save yourself the pain and just set up a Direct Debit. 😂