Sundridge Minus 10 Match Suit

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Aug 14, 2001
Hi all,

Not one for writing reviews I have copied bits from elsewhere but having got one of these suits for Christmas and spent the best part of 6hours on a freezing river bank today, I can more than vouch for their worth.

The Minus Ten Outer Suit is manufactured from a specially toughened form of Silcatex which utilises a bonded membrane to make it extremely breathable and absolutely waterproof.
It is available as a jacket and Bib 'n Brace Trousers, and comes complete with the Sleepskin Underlayer combination.
Sleepskin is a technically advanced material used by mountaineers and other extreme sportsmen. It has abnormally high breathability and thermal properties, and is exclusive to Sundridge.
It is enormously effective at trapping warm air next to the skin, and at the same time transferring moist air and sweat away from the body to the outside of the Sleepskin, where it is dispersed by evaporation. Removing this moisture defeats the major cause of wind chill and hypothermia whilst body heat is sustained by retention of warm air flow next to the skin.

The Sleepskin is worn as a mid layer between underclothes and an outer protective garment. You don't need to wear anything else as this revolutionary layer system keeps you warm and dry without any need for bulky uncomfortable clothing. The thought of this alone didn't fill me with confidence but I was to be proved wrong.

Key features Jacket

- A clear vision hood system with improved protection and all round vision by incorporating a long peak with integral wire shaper, brilliant for keeping the rain off glasses
- The high storm collar is fleece lined for comfort, and coated with teflon water repellant
- Heavy duty YKK zippers, the best in the world
- Rain excluder neoprene cuffs with elastication and velcro tightener.
- The sides can be opened up at the bottom so that it isn't bunched up over your box or seat.

Key Features Bib 'n Brace Trousers

- Exclusive 'one touch' brace adjustment
- High back beats wind chill
- Bellows pockets plus combat pockets at sides
- Double strength seat and knee pads
- Lined to just below the knee to prevent 'wicking'
- Long zipper and pleated ankle with elasticated rear and velcro tightener

The suit is 100% waterproof, and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

I was well impressed with it and managed to stay warm even though there was a freezing breeze off the river and the frost didn't thaw.


Andy Thatcher

Jan 22, 2002
I have a 3 year old Igloo Suite and I can't fault it still !

Sundridge are still doing the business.

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