Sunday evening on the cut

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Ivan heaphurst

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Aug 19, 2006
I was walking the hound the other day on the canal behind Dunham Park,Cheshire, when I came upon this little boat turning basin on the cut. I fancied it, Bream it was saying, and decided to return and throw a line in it . Sunday evening gave me that chance. Getting there at 4-30pm and risking being beaten by boats I set up a waggler and fished across into the basin. Not very deep but then I didn't think it wouild be.
Anyhow first chuck and a bite, hit it and only somthing small. That was until the basin's resident Pike took a hand. He held on for a couple of minutes. When he let go the Perch he had grabbed came flying out of the water with not a mark. Luckiest Perch in Cheshire, or what.
For the rest of the session it was patchy, the fish comming in little bursts then dissapearing again. Could it have been old Esox lurking. Anyway I ended up with a fair amount of fish for my efforts, including a nice Roach of 12 oz or so. All caught on white maggot as this was all the bait I had.
The boat traffic was light, which was surprising, caused me no problems at all.
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