Sunday Dinner


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Nov 16, 2014
Always make the batter the day before and keep in the fridge. Beef dripping only.
200g plain flour
3 eggs plus one extra yolk
300ml cold milk
salt and pepper

slowly whisk together eggs and flour then add milk. Whisk slowly to a batter and put in fridge overnight if possible. Ice cold is good.

Hot oven 220c. beef dripping in tins until smoking. Pour in batter and check after 20 minutes then turn down to 190c to finish off. DO NOT open oven door for first twenty minutes. Even better if you have a glass door so you don't have to open door. I much prefer the big Yorkshire with 4 - 5 inch side walls to the little ones.

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017
We forgot it was Sunday and had egg, chips and beans with pickled onions and Branson.