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May 1, 2007

Am a relative newbie at the coarse fishing lark. Started getting into river fishing a few months before the closed season. Was fishing the Medway at teeston. Managed to bag a couple of Pike, the biggest going close to 14lb, a 4lb chub on a lure, some nice bream and the odd perch. This was before an unfortunate and bloody painful incident, on the river bank with a folding chair and my thumb, curtailed my fishing for a month or so. Am looking fwd to getting back down the river, makes a nice change from commercial stillwaters.
My question... is it worth going for pike?
Nearly all the literature I've read talks about Pike fishing during the Autumn/winter. Is this a condition thing or do some waters close for pike during the summer.
Also if anyone can recommend any other rivers worth fishing in the kent/essex even surrey areas let me know.



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Jan 29, 2007
its the same for chub fishing, its not that you shouldn't or cant fish for pike in the summer, its just that most people fish for other types like carp etc in the summer, also the pike are heavier in winter and will feed when most fish wont. summer piking is brilliant hetic sport, esspecially if you use surface poppers (lures) and wobbled deads. get out on the bank and enjoy some explosive summer predator action.

tight lines mate

Ruddy Roach

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Oct 15, 2002
Pike will readily take a lure in summer (more often than winter in fact as they are more active), but some people say fishing for them in summer is a no no, beause the fish tire themselves out and can't get enough oxygen.

Other people love lure fishing in summer and say that it's fine as long as you're careful and put the fish back straight away.

As a rule, it's not advisable (or fair) to go after them on a scorcher or when the O2 levels are clearly low.

Deadbaiting is a DEFINATE no no, as you're massively increasing the chances of a deep hooked fish.

Just don't even think about that.

So, in my opinion, summer spinning is great fun, especially on a river, as long as you are careful, use the right tackle and know what you're doing!!

But I know there are some members on this forum who will strongly disagree with me here.

So to wrap it up, I wouldn't fish for pike on an especially hot day or when the conditions aren't in the fish's favour, but I don't like to write off a full season where I can't fish for them.

I would go on cooler evenings and rainy days.

I hope someone else can explain this a little bit better.



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Dec 16, 2003
I would stick to the Medway, try the free sections in the town there are definaly fish over 20lb present, and some big perch too!


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Oct 27, 2005
Like Nick, I fish the Medway a fair bit and can recommend the free sections in Maidstone. The Millenium Riiver Park stretch is particulalrly good (and its free). Loads of jack there and I had a three pound perch there a couple of years ago. Also, check out the sportsground stretch in the Tonbridge town centre (three quid day ticket from Tonbridge AS).

In sunny weather , surface or diving plugs are good and try spoons mid water if its cloudy. A wobbled bleak or small roach deadbait is also effective.

Usual rules about piking apply. Strong braid (25 pounds min). Hustle the fish in quickly and return to the water ASAP.


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Feb 14, 2006
i go spinning on the trent in summer but only in the evenings as i beleive this is the only time pike feed in summer just as it is getting dark (never tried in the morning prefer bed than bank lol [:p])
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