Suffolk Water Park Results w/e 27/2/11

Waveney One

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Mar 1, 2006
Cold and clear today, wet, cold and windy for the other matches with the fish tightly shoaled but some good weights were had. Today I had 3 carp in the last 15 minutes for possibly 14lb after only having 2 carp and 2 skimmers for the rest of the match. That last 15 minutes, fish were coming out all around the lake whereas earlier you wouldn't have thought there were any in it!

3 matches to report

Wednesday 23/2/11 M1

19 fished on a wet and windy day.

1st 1st Brad Calver, junior angler, Tackleup Felixstowe peg 30 61lb 9oz
2nd Bob Fuller Viscount Tackle peg 24 - 43lb 10oz
3rd Ricky Flowers Breakaway Tackle peg 27 - 42lb 2oz
4th Alan Tuck, Cross Drove, peg 7 26lb 12oz
5th Brett Calver Tackleup Felixstowe, peg 16 22lb oz

Sat 26/2/11 Silver Fish on the Canal

13 fished on another wet day

1st Aaron Coleman, Bait Tach/Guru, Suffolk, skimmers and tench on peg 113 for 33lb 4oz
2nd Keith Gooderham, Browning Wickford Angling, Suffolk 9lb 8oz
3rd Bob Wessels, SWP/Bait Tech, Suffolk 8lb 13oz
4th Alan Tuck, Van den Eynde, Suffolk 8lb 7oz
5th Bill Walker, Suffolk, 5lb 12oz
6th Bob Fuller, Viscount Tackle, Suffolk, 5lb 8oz
7th Paul Abbott, Breakaway Tackle, Suffolk, 4lb 8oz
8th Colin Provins, SWP/Bait Tech, Suffolk, 4lb 7oz

Sun 27/2/11 M1

22 fished. There was an overnight low of 2.6 C and a high of 9.6 C. There had been a lot of cold water into the lake over the previous 3 or 4 days with 11mm on Saturday. We had a rising barometer all day topping at 1021 hPa.

1st Tony Martin, Suffolk, Fished the method feeder on end peg 24 to walk away with the match weighing in 14 carp for 68lb 03oz
2nd Richard Watson. Nisa Waveney, Suffolk, Peg 8 fished the method and boilie for 27lb 12oz
3rd Andy Moss, Angling Direct, Norfolk, had some fish on the pole and some carp in the last 1/2 hour on the method for a total of 24lb 14oz
4th Aaron Coleman, Bait Tech/Guru, Suffolk, for 20lb 6oz on the pole
5th Kevin Bland, Daiwa Angling Direct, Norfolk, 18lb 2oz
6th Darren Clarke, SWP/Bait-Tech, Suffolk, 17lb 4oz
7th Shaun Rayment, Fox Match Stanjay, Cambs, Peg 11 15lb 8oz
8th Tim Dabrowa, Fox Match Stanjay, Cambs, 9lb 8oz

There is a match Wednesday and Sunday water levels being reasonable. I am not sure about Saturday to be honest, I haven't heard

Richard Watson