Suffolk Water Park - M2 - 9th June

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Waveney One

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Mar 1, 2006
A very, very close match today with the golden peg worth 400 in real danger of going. Only an ounce away. The first three weights were separated by only 3oz. As the same scales man (in this case Trevor) weighs in everyone and uses the same set of scales for the whole lake there were no complaints. A few regrets over lost fish though!

Despite the warm sunny weather and Noreaster the lake fished fairly well. 18 fished and the top weights were as follows:-

1st Scott Douglas on Peg 73 fishing for Nisa Waveney 44lb 6oz
Scott caught at 13 and 14.5 metres on Paste then Pellet then Corn
2nd Lee Cuthbert on Peg 44 fishes for Gipping Valley AC 44lb 5oz
Lee had most of his fish at 9 metres fishing paste
3rd Peter Binks on Peg 70 fishes for Coleman's Cottage 44lb 3oz
Peter had some fish down the edge on paste and the rest on corn
4th Richard Watson on Peg 46 fishes for Nisa Waveney 41lb 10oz
I caught my fish on Paste at 7 metres
5th Alex Reynolds on Peg 57 fishes for Dynamite Baits 32lb 4oz
Alex caught on corn in the corner
6th Bill Warner on peg 43 fishes for Colcester APS 23lb 15oz
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