Suffolk Water Park - 22nd April

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Waveney One

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Mar 1, 2006
Not brilliant again 31 fished so every peg was in. The first and second placed anglers came from diagonally opposite corners pegs 58 and 43. All the fish were in the upper layers and the water was black with them at the southern end of the lake before the match started. The two top placed anglers caught fishing down to the unpegged ends of the lake. One up the north end and the other down the southern end.

1st Pat Denny - Saxmundham Angling Centre - 30lb 12oz
2nd Alex Reynolds - Ipswich 29 - 14
3rd Steve Scopes Viscount Tackle 22 - 10
4th John Dale - 15 - 15
5th Meee Richard Watson - Nisa Waveney 15 - 5

Next weeks match is Match Lake 1 which is my preferred lake. The weights should be better, I hope!
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