Successfully avoided the carp again

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Match four of the season and our first visit to Rising Sun Fisheries near Aldwark in deepest North Yorkshire. Three lakes make up this complex, the main lake at the front and the two smaller, rectangular match lakes at the rear. We were booked on the rather dull sounding ‘Lake 2’, which we’d last fished back in August last year.
The land of the Rising Sun (again)

I had a healthy eleven strong field booked on – only Anthony and Peter missing initially, although Paul developed car trouble half way down the A19 so also had to cry-off. With ten present I could leave out the end pegs and just bunged five pegs on each bank into the hat. I pulled back five out of the hat – the left-hand side of the pond as you’re looking at it – I had both the island and the aerator to aim at. The latter was within pole range (just) but the island wasn’t – that was probably not a bad thing – as you can see from the photo the actual island in front of me was a jungle of small trees and bushes without any dry land and the chances of extracting a carp from there – on the pole – would be minimal.




Target species on this lake are carp – from 1lb to 10lb+, lots of ide and crucians (although the latter often disappear) hordes of small roach and rudd plus odd tench, chub and perch. Skimmers are supposed to be confined to the adjacent Lake 3 but there are a few about.

I decided to stick to just three lines to avoid complicating things – 13m out to the aerator, 2+2 and the margins to right and left. I had no actual features on either side but they were a reasonable depth (couple of feet) so I thought them worth targeting and I’d had some success from similar spots on these ponds previously.

I potted some feed out at 13m and just hand fed the margins before having a look on the short pole with maggot shallow, didn’t take long to snare a couple of small rudd but with nothing better forthcoming I shipped out to 13m with a nice lump of finest bacon grill on the hook. Steve had just successfully landed a lump that looked to be (from my vantage point) a double-figure fish when my float buried and I found myself attached to a sizeable carp that kited around in a big circle, heading in Tinks general direction – that wouldn’t have been a problem except he was playing a carp on the feeder at the same time. I put the brakes on and the hook pulled out.:cry:


I spent rather too long fishing the same spot looking for another and after 90 minutes only had a couple of rudd and an ide in the net. My carp net was getting a nice wash though, being unsullied by any fish. Elsewhere I’d heard Tink alongside getting one or two fishing the feeder against the island and I’d seen George catching opposite. I couldn’t see Rob very well from my vantage point but would occasionally see 30 feet of elastic streaming out the end of his pole as he discovered once again that the carp in here do go a bit. :D





Early afternoon there was a sharp report echoing around the lake – the sort you get when a rod snaps.:eek: It wasn’t a rod – it was Rob B’s landing net pole – he’d caught a big carp and upon lifting it from the water the pole exploded into about 3 bitso_O – he still managed to land the fish and the loan of a long bank stick from his Dad kept him in the action.



After wasting time trying to catch fish that weren’t there in the margins – I never saw a single carp move down the edge all day – I dropped a large pot of chopped worm and caster onto my short pole line. With half a dendrobena on the hook I started getting a few ide – size varying from 6oz to maybe 12. I tried to get them up in the water with maggot but that just attracted hordes of little rudd so I continued to fish at full depth. It wasn’t exactly fast & furious and numerous changes of bait were required to keep bites coming. I picked up mainly ide with some small crucians and a couple of skimmers plus the occasional rudd with eyes bigger than its belly. I bumped rather more fish than I was happy with but didn’t dare switch to a softer elastic due to the possibility of hooking a stray carp. That was exactly what did happen with about 20 minutes left, the fish took off at Mach 2 straight towards the island, I didn’t even get chance to add more sections before all went slack and I retrieved a hookless rig :(– I can only presume the fish wrapped the line around an underwater branch or tree root and bust me.

Opposite me Steve was having an almighty tussle with a carp on his feeder rod – it took him into the adjacent tree twice and I saw the line piing free from one branch. There was a tenner up for grabs for the biggest fish and it certainly looked as though Steve would be a strong contender with either that fish or the one he got in the first ten minutes. I reckoned the winner would either be Tink or Rob W – I couldn’t see either of them clearly but unless Chris down in the corner had been bagging I didn’t think there was anyone else in contention.



Starting the weigh-in down with Chris his peg looked a lot better than it actually was the margin was littered with branches and tee roots and there were no tell tale signs of carp in the margins either. His predominantly ide catch went 18lb 5oz


Rob B was on a peg two and had the lump that had smashed his landing net handle and a few smaller fish for 13lb 13oz



Tink was next up on peg four and he had a mixed bag of carp, ide, a tench and a single ‘proper’ bream – 35lb 13oz put him in the lead.


My carp-free net went 18lb 8oz


Frankie on peg six had tipped back and I gave him a generous 4oz for his handful of bits.

Around the corner to Steve and he weighed a total of 27lb 11oz – the two big carp weighing over 18lb between them – the biggest being the 9lb 3oz common he landed right at the start – that would prove to be the biggest and give him a nice crisp tenner prior to his latest Spanish holiday.


I thought George on the next peg had a big weight but his fish had obviously just looked better from a distance and he weighed 12lb 1oz


Barry had ‘one of those days’ and weighed (I think) 6lb odd – whoever was recording the weights missed his.


Rob W had considerably more though his total for the two nets being 4oz over the 50lb mark – best weiht of the season so far.


Finally Kev on peg 12 had a blank first two hours before finding s few fish and ending with 23lb 5oz


That’s a second trophy in a row for Rob W and, including the evening series, three wins in a row, hope he’s got a large tin of Brasso (other silver polishes are available)

Next match is the second of the Evening Series this Friday at Dromonby Farm - 5.30pm draw - plenty of room if anyone fancies a dabble - and, importantly, it's forecast to be warm, sunny and dry:D

The next Sunday match should be at Lockwood Beck – however as previously mentioned, it appears the cormorants have wreaked havoc over the winter and very little is being caught. Therefore I’m looking for a new venue – further details will be available soon.


Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Where is rising sun ?
Not far from Brafferton - in fact for you southerners even closer to home
From up here I go through Topcliffe and Cundall, past Brafferton, turn right at the T-junction in Helperby, follow the road to Flawith, turn right immediately outside village and then right again and fishery is about a mile down lane on right

Directions from other routes are on the website




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Oct 6, 2010
Another great report Simon and looks like some great weights. Nice that there is a variety of species in there.

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Update on venue changes:

The next two matches - that's June 30th and July 14th are both on Grange Farm near Thirsk
Same draw times apply
So biggest fish wins the trophy on June 30th (since we're not likely to get many trout from here)
and July 14th is the float only contest - The Tontine Cup - as usual decided on points - one point per ounce, one point per fish

Currently plenty of 'proper' bream (3-4lb fish) getting caught together with the usual skimmers, roach and perch plus odd tench.
Jane says fish maggot, Dave says fish pellet - so probably best to take both.