Sturgeon (not the Scottish variety)

Sep 26, 2020

Environment Agency - Great Ouse and Fenland Fisheries Team

Sturgeon removal.
There’s now one less fishery within our area containing a non-native sturgeon - a species that are not permitted to be kept in any fishery.
We actively use our powers under The Keeping and Introduction of Fish (England and River Esk Catchment Area) Regulations 2015 to ensure sturgeon and other listed species do not pose a threat to fishing and the wider environment.

Where possible we always work with fishery owners to ensure compliance, failing that fisheries legislation gives us the power to enter land, seize evidence and even recharge our costs.

This legislation aims to prevent the spread of fish disease, parasites and to minimise damage to fisheries, native fish stocks and the wider environment that may be caused by inappropriate stockings and keeping of certain fish species.
On this occasion the sturgeon was caught earlier in the year from a Cambridgeshire fishery and then released while the fishery manager approached us requesting advise and assistance. We instructed the fishery manager to ensure the sturgeon was retained when it was next caught and we would either collected the fish or assess a suitable ornamental pond the fish could be restocked into.

The sturgeon was caught once again earlier this week and then moved into an ornamental pond.
Non-native fish species such as catfish and grass carp and many others can only legally be kept in fisheries with a Fishery Site Permit and in some instances certain species may also have set conditions applied such as screening on all inlets and outlets to prevent escape.

Link to The keeping and Introduction of Fish (England and River Esk Catchment Area) Regulations 2015:
The Keeping and Introduction of Fish (England and River Esk Catchment Area) Regulations 2015

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May 18, 2020
I think that's a case of stable door locking after the horse is well over the horizon.



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Oct 15, 2017
I know of a water in the warrington area that has one in at over 20lb, it was caught a couple of years ago at around 23lb.


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May 9, 2008
One of the best sporting fish you can catch.
(adjusts tin helmet and moves on ;) )