Strattons farm lake. Wisbech

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Jun 17, 2008
Well swmbo did a car boot yesterday and as she got back earlier than i expected i decided to go and have a few hours at Strattons farm lake near wisbech.
I got to the lake just after 2pm and i decide to fish with the wind from behind as it was bitterly cold and i couldnt stand the thought of that in my face for any length of time.
I got myself set up on the feeder using a 6mm yellow boilie casting just off the far bank and it took a little while before the tip sprang round resulting in a nice bream about 3lb.

This continued for quite a while until the tip was pulled round so hard the rod shot across the rest which resulted in a 20 min fight before i even saw the fish and it was then i knew that i had a slight problem, there was no way it was going to fit in my landing net but i felt i had to try and just as i managed to get it part way in the hook length snapped and it was gone [:C]
This killed the swim so i decided to try the pole in the margin swim i had been baiting up and i soon was catching roach to about 2lb and had 2 very nice bream of about 3 1/2 lb.

I decide to retry my feeder line and was soon catching more bream with the biggest around 6 to 7 lb and then had the carp pictured below.
It was starting to get dark so i decided enough was enough so packed up and ended the day with around 70 to 80lb of fish which wasn't bad going considering the weather.


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Nov 17, 2009
where is this fishery do they have a web site i must give it a go not far from me
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